Saturday, January 19, 2013

Coming soon in 2013

[TFR063] RedSK + Necroanal - Fantasm Cock Spewing Smegma
[TFR082] Insideout028 / Tjere - Morality, Religion, And Epistemology
[TFR097] Aural Resuscitation Unit - Free Movement Between States
[TFR117] Jason "EVIL" Covelli - Archive Of EVIL Vol. 1
[TFR119] Simply Wow! - Steamrolled Grandmas And Rainbow Kitty Cats
[TFR129] Mutant Beatniks / Disgorged Faeces / RedSK - Putrefaction Bacteria
[TFR135] Totally Pissed Off - Tales From The Crust EP
[TFR140] GX Jupitter-Larsen & Jason "EVIL" Covelli - Untitled
[TFR141] Kenji Siratori / RedSK - Rebug
[TFR144] Esion / Jason "EVIL" Covelli - Split
[TFR146] Lady Cumdumpster vs. Koobaatoo Asparagus - Asparagus Lady Remixes
[TFR148] Weluvpot - Full Onion Vol. 4
[TFR149] Stiverson - The Lost LP
[TFR155] Mitä? / Freequinsee / Jason "EVIL" Covelli / RedSK - Still Unnamed
[TFR160] RedSK vs. Koobaatoo Asparagus - Gnarly Remixes 2
[TFR166] Flat Affect / RedSK - Split 7 Inch
[TFR171] Heirdrain / RedSK - Black Obliteration
[TFR172] Nathan Finley - 10 Minutes
[TFR173] Ordo Lacrima Christi - Self-Titled
[TFR179] Faction Disaster / RedSK / Ballsonbitchs - Something Offensive
[TFR180] Medicinal Groove - Live @ Mental Spaghetti Festival 3
[TFR181] Ballsonbitchs / Lady Cumdumpster - Split 7 Inch
[TFR182] Lady Cumdumpster / RedSK vs. teh soup rebellion / Bruxism / Faction Disaster / Total Hipster Crusher / Dental Work - Live @ Mental Spaghetti Festival 3
[TFR184] RedSK - Harsh3
[TFR188] VA - Shit Your Damn Pants; A Noise Compilation In Roughly 5 Hours
[TFR190] Psychotic Sufferance / RedSK - Live To Grind, Noise To Die!
[TFR193] RedSK - Big Tim Kills Shangri-La Ghostboy
[TFR194] Sharkie 78 / Jason "EVIL" Covelli - Home for the Conformity Challenged
[TFR196] RedSK / COSBY - Split 2.5
[TFR198] All Odds Against / RedSK - Split
[TFR199] Faction Disaster / RedSK - Split
[TFR200] VA - 8kbps Of Total Pants Shat Action
[TFR201] E. Coli / Jason "EVIL" Covelli / All Women Are Fat / Duckmask / RedSK - Split
[TFR202] Barbeque / RedSK - Split
[TFR203] The Earwigs / RedSK / Jason "EVIL" Covelli - Extraterrestrials With Mental Disorders
[TFR204] Abe Lincoln / Total Hipster Crusher / Winters In Osaka / RedSK - Live 4way Split
[TFR205] Halalnihil - Collection of Utter Disgust [Home Recordings]
[TFR206] TOTAL E.T. vs. Hal McGee / RedSK - Split
[TFR207] Muroidea / RedSK - Split
[TFR208] Wake The Machines / RedSK - Split
[TFR209] Big Cisis Orchester / RedSK - Split
[TFR210] Aaron Midcalf / COSBY / RedSK - THCosbySK 11-8-12
[TFR211] Simply Wow! - Methmatics EP
[TFR212] Stiverson / Gickstep - Split
[TFR213] Watabou / RedSK / A Beautiful Lotus - Split
[TFR214] Jason "EVIL" Covelli / Simply Wow! - Spiritual Journey Of Self-Realization (From Iceland To Kenosha)
[TFR215] Corrupt Humanity / RedSK - Split
[TFR218] Grave Slave / My Failure / Struktur / RedSK - Colonized Life
[TFR220] Jason "EVIL" Covelli - Horrifying Reality, The Remixes Vol. 2
[TFR222] Roman Covelli & RedSK - Why Children Start Fires
[TFR223] She Didn't Respond - How To Abuse Instructual Instruments
[TFR224] Jason "EVIL" Covelli - Horrifying Reality, The Remixes Vol. 3
[TFR225] Jeffrey Dahmer / RedSK - Split
[TFR226] La Bruha Desi La - Crysis Hypothesis
[TFR227] Li Jianhong / Ana Venus - Bleeding Universe
[TFR228] Brutal Death / Paucities - A Galvanized Corpse (out now maybe?)
[TFR229] Swine Flu - Live Material
[TFR230] Archagathus / Jeffrey Dahmer - Split
[TFR231] RedSK / Simply Wow! / Fuckmaker / КАРТОФЕЛЬ - Experiments Part 3
[TFR232] Dead Church / RedSK - Split
[TFR233] RedSK vs. teh soup rebellion - Vision Quest Sides A & B
[TFR234] RedSK / E. Coli / Seagulls Fucking Seagulls - Kitty Feetz Extended
[TFR235] Body 13 - #013 Obtaining Homochirality Through Stochastic Processes
[TFR236] Degenerative Patrons - Night Splash
[TFR237] NRYY / RedSK - Arbor Day / Harsh Inhale Remix
[TFR238] RedSK / Muddy Muff / Ointment / !大(大)大! - Experiments Part 4
[TFR239] ReAL.alTEr.Ego - [Insert Love Title]

I'm sure I'm missing a few titles from the list. But here's a rough estimate of what should come out this year (funding provided).

Thursday, January 3, 2013

TRASHFUCK 2012 Wrap-up

It's been a while since I made a blog post, a lot has happened.

Not ordered in any specific order. Titles listed left to right, top to bottom.
[TFRPROMOSK00] SK - Tryna Get Dat Paper Continuous Mix (available)
[TFR158] RedSK vs. Stiverson - BIACWMW Remixes (available)
[TFRPROMOSK02] SK - That Krills (unavailable)
[TFR197] RedSK / Pollux - Split (available)
[TFR174] Vomir / RedSK - Split (available)
[TFRPROMO05] Various - TRASHFUCK Chanukomp 2012 (available)
[TFR191] RedSK / Problem Anderer Leute / Running To Earth / Violence Cotton Drone - Birth Of Beautiful Things (available)
[TFR189] The Drew Batton Experience - Self-Titled (available)
[TFR219] Tha Deftones / SELBSTMORD KÖNIG / Tjere / What It's Like To Be Hostile - Same In The End (available)
[TFR214] Jason "EVIL" Covelli / Simply Wow! - Spiritual Journey Of Self-Realization (From Iceland To Kenosha) (available)
[TFR217] Simply Wow! / (o)†hers / Fresh Dead Seagulls / vomits - We Live Under Rocks (available)
[TFR118] Simply Wow! - Horses Riding Men (available)
[TFRPROMO14] Running To Earth - 2 Random Jams (available)
[TFR185] To-Bo - Silent Killer (available)
[TFR147] RedSK / devin.jpeg - Split (available)
[TFR216] Jason "EVIL" Covelli / Halluciphile / All Women Are Fat / Acid Trash - Altar Ov Trash (available)
[TFRPROMO12] Behind The Gun - BTG 2012 Demo (available)
[TFR127] Bastard Child - Re-Recycled (available)
[TFR111] The Big Drum In The Sky Religion - Les Origines Des Mondes (available)
[TFR170] Scientific Sunshine vs. RedSK - Untitled Sessions (available)
[SPTrash00] Flat Affect / Pollux - Not A Split available

[TFR159] tooth_eye - Wave Rape Vol. 2 (unavailable)

[TFR169] SMG / RedSK - Split Tape 2012 (available)

[TFR175] Sid Yiddish & Clean Boys - Safari Freakshow Adventure Tour: Stentor Radio Interview May 10, 2010 (available)

Announcing: Caleb Bragg (Insideout028/Path to Pluto) is also a current operator of TRASHFUCK Records, based out of TN. Here's a photo of a release he put together.

[TFR124] WOLFHOUSE - Whatever Makes You Happy (available)

I'm not accepting orders right now. I need to focus on getting artists copies of their releases, so nothing is for sale until further notice. Feel free to pop on over to the TFR Bandcamp for free downloads of a lot of new releases and old stuff.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Flat Affect / Spacings and Gorgonized Dorks / Faction Disaster

[TFR187] Flat Affect / Spacings - Split

A1 / A2 Flat Affect - Pale Blue / Silhouetted Figures
B1 Spacings - Worry Over Nothing
B2 Spacings - Something To Tell You
B3 Spacings - Always Blue

Minimalism and small sounds and some drone/darkambient stuff on spray painted recycled tapes. Limited edition of 20.

[TFR195] Gorgonized Dorks / Faction Disaster - Split

1. Gorgonized Dorks - Live 09-19-12 Noize Massacre
2. Faction Disaster - Noise Warfare Pt. 1
3. Faction Disaster - Noise Warfare Pt. 2
4. Faction Disaster - Noise Warfare Pt. 3

Two awesome grind/noisecore bands doing some harsh noise on this three inch cd-r. Limited to 30 copies.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Late blog update. New releases!

[TFR156] Orgasm Denial / RedSK - Muzik For...

01. Orgasm Denial - Muzik For G-Ultra
02. Orgasm Denial - Muzik For C.E.F.G.
03. RedSK - Music For My Father
04. RedSK - Music For Shat Pants

Straight up harsh noise! Unlimited press.

[TFR186] Lt. Dan / RedSK - Split

01. Lt. Dan - Live @ Papa Chinn's Chili Emporium 6-30-12
02. RedSK - Live @ Ye Olde TRASH Pad 8-26-12

Live shit, Michigan mince and noise. Limited to 50 copies.

[TFR176] Jason "EVIL" Covelli - Horrifying Reality, The Remixes Vol. 1

01. The Clinical Study Of My Own Insanity (Rantings Of A Madman Remix By Arseterror)
02. It's A Shame That Life Is The Low Hanging Apple (A Hand Shuffled Mix Of Various Jason "EVIL" Covelli Tracks By IZFernor)
03. Plain And Fucking Simple (Swinemix By Swin Deorin)
04. Morally Fucking Wrong (Nonima Remix)
05. I'm Not A Martyr (Meat Glue Remix)
06. In Truth (NRYY Remix)
07. Bound, Gagged And Truly Fucking Insane (The Wall Of Released Scream Remix By mhz_)
08. Abduction Notice (WOLFHOUSE Remix)
09. No Remorse, No Shame (Richard Wilmer Remix)
10. No Remorse, No Shame (Violence Cotton Drone Remix)
11. My Personal Gripes (Fresh Dead Seagulls Remix)
12. My Personal Gripes (cigarettes and booze Remix)
13. The Clinical Study Of My Own Insanity (Trapped In These Walls Remix By Arseterror)

The first volume of spoken word doomed truth remixes of Jason "EVIL" Covelli. 12 more volumes to go. Unlimited press.

[TFR132] Nihilist Execution / Arseterror - Split

01. Nihilist Execution - Intro
02. Nihilist Execution - Untitled Harsh Noise
03. Nihilist Execution - Untitled Tracks
04. Nihilist Execution - Untitled Trax
05. Arseterror - Noel In Hell
06. Arseterror - Saint Nick Can Suck My Dick
07. Arseterror - Santa Claus Getting Incinerated By My Fireplace
08. Arseterror - Santa's Reindeer Shit Down My Chimney

Noisy split from two sick weirdos. Unlimited press.

[TFRPROMO13] Jason "EVIL" Covelli - Facing Reality Head On

01. Just A Wonderful Thought
02. No Working Class
03. Plain And Fucking Simple

A short and maniacal spoken word doomed truth EP from Mr. EVIL. Originally intended as a net-release for proc-records. Unlimited press, promo/free.

[TFR116] Gorgonized Dorks / RedSK - Disregard Your Life

01. Gorgonized Dorks - Untitled 19:27
02. RedSK - Copper Quack, The Quacker Cop
03. RedSK - Humiliating Death
04. RedSK - Picking Apples

An weirdo noise session from the mighty G.Dorks and some harsh stuff from SK. Unlimited press.

[TFRPROMO14] Running To Earth - 2 Random Jams

01. Random Jam 3-7-11
02. Random Jam 3-9-11

Garage rock lo-fi jam session recordings from Running To Earth. Unlimited press, promotional/free.

[TFR100] Stiverson - State Raised

01. Cluster Fuck
02. Ben
03. Breakage
04. Care
05. Cott
06. Drummland
07. Enui Remix
08. Frizzeld 1
09. Gord Prototype
10. Gravity 212 Remix VIP
11. Grim
12. Jizzummmm
13. Metal Balls
14. Ophindian Remix
15. P 2
16. Scanline Horizon Dissasssiotive 1
17. Smash TV
18. Wookie 1
19. Youth In Asia
20. Zorg

Drum'n'bass/breakcore from Detroit. Unlimited press.

[TFR185] To-Bo - Silent Killer

01. Silent Killer
02. Silent Killer Part 2
03. Silent Killer Part 3

Harshnoise from Germany. Unlimited press.

Promotional releases are free with any order. Each disc is $5.50, postage paid in the US. International orders add 1.50 for the first item and .50 each additional item. Paypal

Saturday, September 8, 2012

7 new releases. Some not so new.

Some of these releases came out before Mental Spaghetti Festival 3, but I haven't had a chance to make a post about them, but the rest are new.
Check it out!

[TFR168] Kessenchu - Never Let Your Feelings Die Because I Love A Girl And Even Though The USA Sux But I Gotta Keep On Living

01 Don't Wanna Talk To Me
02 Gary Indianna
03 Kill Da Copz
04 Never Let The Feeling Die
05 Two Baby Girlz

Electro-pop-punk from some kid in Michigan on three inch cd-r, limited to 25 copies, only a few left. Obviously some paper got stuck to the paint because I was hasty in putting these items together before the festival, all the same it still plays well.

[TFR178] Lady Cumdumpster - Untitled Demo

01 Foam Soap (Feat. Mister Tuesday)
02 Techno Friends (feat. Trish Rilka, Apache, RedSK)
03 To Smoke Weed, Of Course (Feat. Casper Decker)
04 Mothafucka!!! (Feat. Chasing Stupid)
05 I'm Not Racist, I'm Just Observant
06 You're A Nurse (Feat. RedSK)
07 نهائي المحاضرات المفرغة
08 5lb of Mayo
09 Couldn't Get This One To Work

Various experimental electronic tracks taken from past split releases from my fine female. Limited to 6 cd-r copies. Sold out.

[TFR177] RedSK vs. teh soup rebellion - Limited

01 Limited

A live collaborative track between me and teh soup rebellion, practice jam from right before Mental Spaghetti Fest 3. Limited to 10 copies on three inch cd-r. 2 copies left.

[TFR115] Hxlly's Wxrld - Just Another Day In Murdamar / Teardrop Paradise

01 A Shirt With Tupac On It
02 Learn How To Ice Skate
03 Sales Pitch
04 Wedding Pictures
05 911 Is A Joke
06 Black Girl Slumber Party
07 I Like To Cry When I'm In Pain
08 I Wanna Die But I'm Already Dead
09 Lost Arby's Virginity
10 Melbourne Skyline
11 Rip 2pac
12 Sequarium
13 This Is My Dog
14 Yo Quiero

More crap from Hxlly's Wxrld. Bad songs about some bullshit. 2 EP's on one cd-r. Unlimited copies.

[TFR106] Uninterpretative: no! / Hxlly's Wxrld - SPLIT

01 Uninterpretative: no! - Bees
02 Uninterpretative: no! - Bombs (with Olivia)
03 Uninterpretative: no! - The Only Girl In Spain
04 Uninterpretative: no! - Prayers (with Neely)
05 Uninterpretative: no! - Haunts
06 Uninterpretative: no! - Blues (with Ally)
07 Hxlly's Wxrld - bea4rc43yu54jfm

Cool weirdo electronic stuff from Unin:no! and some better more experimental material from those crazy kids we call Hxlly's Wxrld. Cd-r, unlimited.

[TFR164] Kaelteeinbruch & Catgirl - In Love With The States

01 Kaelteeinbruch - Great Monsters
02 Catgirl & Kaelteeinbruch - Inspection Of Sharp Metal Blades

Noise about the States from people not from the States. Limited to 10 copies on three inch cd-r.

[TFR132] Nihilist Execution / Arseterror - Split
01 Nihilist Execution - Intro
02 Nihilist Execution - Untitled Harsh Noise
03 Nihilist Execution - Untitled Tracks
04 Nihilist Execution - Untitled Trax
05 Arseterror - Noel In Hell
06 Arseterror - Saint Nick Can Suck My Dick
07 Arseterror - Santa Claus Getting Incinerated By My Fireplace
08 Arseterror - Santa's Reindeer Shit Down My Chimney

Sick harshnoise and goretronics from two twisted weirdos. Unlimited copies on cd-r.

All releases are $5 a piece. Get any 5 releases for $20, postage paid, See our catalog section for more releases. Email for ordering info.

Monday, August 6, 2012

3 new releases, one old.

Three brand new releases! And an older tape release I forgot to mention in previous blog posts.

First up: TFR125
Crank Sturgeon / RedSK / Jason "EVIL" Covelli

A gruesome mix of hand-crafted noise and noises, power electronics/noise-violence, and doomed truth spoken word.

01 Crank Sturgeon - Gods Tried; Done
02 Crank Sturgeon - Dape Hill Opp's
03 Crank Sturgeon - A Higher Class Of Shirt
04 Crank Sturgeon - Shindert
05 Crank Sturgeon - Ra'Q Afore
06 Crank Sturgeon - Meszov
07 Crank Sturgeon - Iuuuuy
08 Crank Sturgeon - Chimwua
09 RedSK - Big Tim Visits Crosswinds Marsh Part 1
10 RedSK - Big Tim Visits Crosswinds Marsh Part 2
11 RedSK - Big Tim Visits Crosswinds Marsh Part 3
12 RedSK - Big Tim Visits Crosswinds Marsh Part 4
13 RedSK - Big Tim Visits Crosswinds Marsh Part 5
14 RedSK - Big Tim Visits Crosswinds Marsh Part 6
15 RedSK - Big Tim Visits Crosswinds Marsh Part 7
16 RedSK - Big Tim Visits Crosswinds Marsh Part 8
17 RedSK - Big Tim Visits Crosswinds Marsh Part 9
18 RedSK - Twist That Knob, Push That Button (Feat. teh soup rebellion)
19 Jason "EVIL" Covelli - Anger Management Vs. Therapy

Unlimited edition.

Second release: TFR139
"La Feminista Muerte"

A blatantly misogynistic goretronics/wall/harsh release from the ever-troubled Arseterror.

01 Completely Incomprehensible Goretronic Wall
02 Western Society World Problems

Unlimited edition.

And lastly: TFR104
Kaustikutt / Dental Work / Fabrict / Adam Sapphire / RedSK / Unauthorized Fatal Operation / Running To Earth
"Ultimate TRASH"

A seven way split of various genres, everything from coldwave/industrial, cut'em'up anxiety tweak glitch noise, dark industrial noise, experimental nerdcore hip-hop, concrete punk, harsh noise, and rock'n'roll jam band type stuff.

01 Kaustikutt - Perversion
02 Kaustikutt - Distance Myself?
03 Kaustikutt - Power
04 Dental Work - Smoke Stack Cancer Manifestation + Dollar Signs On My Mind + Our Friend Kabob
05 Dental Work - I Used To Be A Dreamer
06 Fabrict - A Vivisekting God
07 Fabrict - For Your Protektion
08 Adam Sapphire - Memories of Her No Longer Guide My Sword
09 Adam Sapphire - Open Up Your Eyes It's All Fucking Bullshit
10 Adam Sapphire - The God Particle (Deus Ex Machina)
11 RedSK - Ballad Of Lost Lovers
12 RedSK - Battering Ram For Rescuing Junkie Girls
13 RedSK - Paranoid About Smoking Pieces
14 RedSK - Live @ Magic Stick, Detroit w/ Random Drunk People On Vox
15 RedSK - Presciption Pill Constipation
16 Unauthorized Fatal Operation - 3, 4 Methylenedioxymethamphetamine
17 Running To Earth - Fetus (May 2nd 2011)
18 Running To Earth - Marijuana

Unlimited edition.

This tape you don't know about if you only read the blog: TFR150
"Party On My Wayward Son"

A drug-driven tribute to to Kansas (and in a smaller way, Eddie Murphy). No further explanation needed. Split #2 out of 6.5 splits.

Side A: RedSK - Party On My Weigh-Warred Sun / Knight In Shining Seroquel / Smoking Synthetics / Some Necrosexual Noise / SK Steroid Abuse Mashup
Side B: COSBY - Geeked Up Off Them Bars / Breakdancing Buster / You Don't Know Me / Bath Salt Interlude / Wrap It Up

Limited to 82 copies.

All releases are $5 a piece, get at me about deals for distros, or get at me about free copies for zines and websites who do reviews.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

[TFR130] Chris Toast / Alfred Turner / Joby / RedSK - Noises [cd-r]

Another release I forgot to mention...
A collection of recordings compiled into a four-way split from some fine Michigan experimentalists.

Unlimited edition. Artwork printed on pale yellow hard stock or white paper. Discs are stamped with TFR logo.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

TFR121 / TFR161

We have two not-so-new releases for you.
Sorry I've been out of the game for a little while, slowly catching up on getting things caught up.

The first is the full length cd-r release from Ballsonbitchs. This is pure Michigan shitcore at it's finest.
"Smoke Crack And Spread Disease"

44 tracks of noise, grind, and generally weird recordings.

The second is a three inch cd-r from power electronics artist Divine Shell.

Three tracks of intense PE/noise stuff on black discs.

Email for ordering info. $5 postage paid. Get deals on orders for multiple items!

Friday, May 25, 2012

[TFR154] Mitä? - Previously Unnamed

Are you ready for some Finnish shitcore/noise/experimental weirdo music?
I don't think you are. You may remember Mitä? from the Mitä?/RedSK "Mölyapina" split cd-r.
Get a copy of this cd-r for $5, postage paid in the US. Email

Previously Unnamed

can be thought as an LP but also as a collection of Ep's/Singles pieced in to one

SIDE A - Noise

Lovecraft sucks and Scots are assholes
1. Mitä? - Crawling Chaos Nyarlathotep / Miskatonic University (3:06)
2. Mitä? - Harmillista, Glarkow (1:29)

Kuka? 1/3
3. Bieks - Antipathy Intro (Divine Interception remix by Mitä?) (1:39)

Poikki Taiteelliset Paskat 1/3
4. Mitä? - Bette yrittää saada jodin takaisin, mutta Tinalla onkin yllätys. Tasha joutuu palaamaan Irakiin ja Alice on suruissaan. Jenny syrjäytetään ja Helena vapautuu Los Angelesissa asuvasta lesboyhteisöstä (1:27)

5. Mitä? - Advanced Tech Internet Captchas With Speech (Someone Got a Ton Of Money With This Bullshit) (1:10)
(6. Mitä? - Huuto kaukaisuudesta (0:43) - From the entity Paskaydin
7. Mitä? - Mitä?:n laulu nro. 68 (1:11)
8. Mitä? - Satan Cake (0:50)

SIDE B - Obscure Dark Ambient

Silent Obscure Landscapes
9. Mitä? - Murina Kaukaisuudesta (0:24)
10. Mitä? - Joihin koottu asioita (2:14)
11. Mitä? - Lokomotiv Yaroslavl (2:26)
12. Mitä? - Gloomslumber (5:29)
13. Sumue - A Grotesque Lullaby (Mitä ovat psykoottiset tilat? part I) (1:27)

emmätiiö 5/9
15. Sumue - Suicide is a Joyful Experience (Clockwork Orange edit) (5:29)
17. Mitä? - Ähäkkieläimiä? (0:06) (Hidden track II)

lehtiössä jää tyhjäksi:
14. Mitä? - Mikä niiden ero on?
16. Niittojyrä Terotuslaite - emmätiiö part 3 (Bonus track)
18. Murina Kaukaisuudesta (Minimalistic Single Edit)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

i AM esper - Stalactites

i AM esper re-emerges as a duo. This full length is stuffed full of doomey droney guitar ambient.
Get a copy today.

Email for ordering infos.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

"Suicide Substance" / "Experiments"

We have two new releases!

The first is from Pollux & Playing With Nuns.
"Suicide Substance"

01 - Pollux - Voidcean
02 - Playing with nuns - Human substance
03 - Pollux - Hopespital
04 - Playing with nuns - A nod to Korolev Zond
05 - Pollux - Athmort
06 - Playing with nuns - Hold XL
07 - Pollux - Baal + Satan Nebula
08 - Playing with nuns - The owl
09 - Pollux - Breathe System Suicide

The second is a long awaited split from Violence Cotton Drone, Black Baby, CMP2P, Running To Earth vs. RedSK.

01 Violence Cotton Drone - Broken Twigs
02 Violence Cotton Drone - Plantation Cropfire
03 Violence Cotton Drone - Real Estate Drones
04 Violence Cotton Drone - Same Fourwords, Same Backwards
05 Violence Cotton Drone - Bastards In Space
06 Violence Cotton Drone - Unbearable Mental Torture
07 Black Baby - Tape Extraction Feb 16th 2011
08 CMP2P - Gucci Mane Battering Ram
09 CMP2P - I H8 Basshunter
10 CMP2P - Stereo Lust
11 RedSK vs. Running To Earth - Punkers Die Alone
12 RedSK vs. Running To Earth - Bluesy Floosey
13 RedSK vs. Running To Earth - Long Walk To Nowhere
14 RedSK vs. Running To Earth - Noise Rock Nose Job
15 RedSK vs. Running To Earth - Act Like We Never Met
16 RedSK vs. Running To Earth - Nausea

Get both releases for $8 postage paid inside the US.
Email for info on package deals and distro options.

Friday, April 20, 2012


It's finally here, I've got the first several copies made (out of a total of 90-something).
These are available for $6.66 postage paid inside the US.
Buy a copy so I can ship AG their copies.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

4 new releases!

Here are the latest releases we've been cranking out.

[TFR153] Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt, Graffiti Mechanism, Violence Cotton Drone, Jason EVIL Covelli - Split

01 Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt - A Post-Modern Metamorphosis
02 Graffiti Mechanism - The Music
03 Violence Cotton Drone - Thunderdrone
04 Jason "EVIL" Covelli - Gruesome Valentine's

[TFR152] RedSK, Dingle, Hlo, Dental Work - Savage Planet
(co-release with Flaccid Plastic Records
TRASHFUCK version:

Flaccid Plastic version:

01 Dingle - Savage Planet 01
02 hlo - I Forgot What I First Named This Track
03 hlo - Grow Up And Die
04 Dingle - Savage Planet 02
05 RedSK - QQQQ
06 hlo - Cops Eating At A C Rated Donut Shop In Mid Town Foo
07 Dental Work - Banned From Inside Out Gallery For Life
08 Dingle - Savage Planet 03
09 hlo - Ok Fine Let's Make A Deal If It Hurts Just Tell Me To Take It Out
10 RedSK - Quexium
11 Dingle - Savage Planet 04
12 hlo - Phene Ya Mean

[TFR099] fabioRosho & RedSK - Raw Audio Material

01 fabioRosho - It Goes In A Way That Maybe You Could Figure Out
02 fabioRosho - No Good Mixing At All
03 fabioRosho - Something
04 fabioRosho - Wishing A Footjob From Clarissa Giacomini
05 fabioRosho - Walking On The Streets With Netlabel Noise On Hearphones
06 RedSK - Bleeding From Every Opening
07 RedSK - Other People's Migraines
08 RedSK - Power Electronics PSA
09 RedSK - Unable To Perform Simple Actions
10 RedSK - A Pointless Intervention (No Matter What Any Of You Do Or Say, There Is No Chance Of Me Not Taking Drugs On A Regular Basis)

[TFR128] The Circulatory System - Hemoglobin Variants
(co-release with Flaccid Plastic, their version not shown here)

01 Hb C
02 Hb D
03 Hb E
04 Hb M
05 Hb O
06 Hb S
07 Hb G

For one week, get all four of these items for $10 postage paid inside the US.

Friday, April 13, 2012

RedSK - Big Tim Befriends A Platypus

Head on over to Burial Recordings and pick up a copy of the new RedSK album.

1 Harsh PV Doom (Noisepoetnobody Remix)

2 Harsh PV Wall (Power Chaos Mix By Noiseoftherose)

3 Big Tim Visits Crosswinds Marsh Part 6 (Dingle Remix)

4 You Buy Your Vinyl At Hot Topic (abrokentomorrow Remix)

5 Dragonology feat. Army of 2600 (Bleepoid Sleezoid Remix By Syphilis Sauna)

6 You Were Grinding (Evil Robot Ted Remix)

7 A Paranoid Life Remix (Feat. Jason "EVIL" Covelli)

8 Mountains Of Sorrow (Hlo Remix)

9 Big Tim Returns To The Barren Wastelands Of Shangri-La (Woodland Carnage Remix By JVHV)

10 You Do These Things (Frank Goshit Remix)

11 Platypus Wall

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Next few releases

RedSK / Dingle / hlo / Dental Work - Savage Planet [cd-r] (co-release with Flaccid Plastic Records)
The Circulatory System - Hemoglobin Variants [3"] (co-release with Flaccid Plastic Records)
Agathocles / RedSK - split [cassette]
Pollux / Playing with nuns - Suicide Substance [cd-r]

Out right now:
Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt / Graffiti Mechanism / Violence Cotton Drone / Jason "EVIL" Covelli - split [cd-r]
(photo coming soon)

Jason "EVIL" Covelli & Noise Nazi split

The long-awaited split between doomed truth spoken word madman and no-holds-barred offensive noise legend is finally out on three inch cd-r. I only have three copies left of this edition of 15. So get a copy while I still have them.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

RedSK - Quite Another Confrontation

New cd-r release by RedSK on No Skinny Jeans Records.

1. Brian Butzin Is A Crybaby
2. Emo Slut Remix (Feat. hlo)
3. Formaldehyde Guy
4. Fuck Up Remix (Feat. hlo)
5. Salvia Divinorum Bad Trip Time Travel VIP
6. Wb666 Remix (Feat. hlo)
8. Missing Link Remix (Feat. Koobaatoo Asparagus)
9. A Mask Of Death Remix (Feat. Jason EVIL Covelli)
10. Research Chemicals
11. Fishbone Wall (Feat. Pollux & Lady Cumdumpster)

So go find Michael Scott on facebook get trade him for a copy of this.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012