Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Various Artists: TRASHFUCK 3.12 compilation available now!

Artist: VariousAlbum: TRASHFUCK 3.12Year: 2010CAT#: TFN312Style: Experimental Electronics, Musique-Concrete, Noise, Breakcore, Glitch, Speedcore, Experimental Hip-Hop, Drug Music, Hip-Hop, Grindcore, Powerviolence, Metal, Industrial, Jungle, Dubstep, Prog Rock, Noise Rock, Avant-garde, World Music, Ambient, Darkambient, Spoken Word, Doomed Truth, Noisecore, Drum'n'Bass, Punk, Hardcore,
Tracks:01 Goreky - Distorted Tom Switch02 Mitä? - Lopullisen Paskan Koostumus03 GAAD - Pusti Rucnu04 Lithuanian Hazard - Arbeit!05 Total Hipster Crusher - Misanthropia06 The Big Drum In The Sky Religion - Cannibal Dream07 Oh Yes, By All Means - Ceramic Alpaca, Moche culture (Larco Museum, Lima)08 MIXEDUPMESS - Kids On Crack (KidsOnCocaine Remix by Insideout028)09 hhhhh - Bristles10 RedSK - The Opposite Of Shalom11 DJ Scratchin' - Get Back Mofo (Bitches Get Glitches RMX By RedSK)12 Insideout028 - Do You Think Of Your Father When I Say Rape?13 Master Toad - Dark Insects of the Catacomb14 endometrium cuntplow - Cut Uppers15 Pollux - Black Hope16 Dental Work - Hyphilius (Contracting HIV Via Needle Sharing RMX By RedSK)17 Zebra Mu - Vent18 Cock E.S.P. - Live May 6th 201019 teh soup rebellion - Where Is Don Johnson?20 SDSA - Operation (Feat. Spunky Smith) (Prod. By FluiD)21 Paregorik - Nikdo Nepoznal Naši Lásku22 ANIMAL MACHINE - DETOX23 Gorgonized Dorks - Purgatory For You24 FluiD - Flowers25 Swin Deorin - Dvi-Kirnplori26 Jason "EVIL" Covelli - Morally Fucking Wrong
NOTES:This compilation celebrates artists that make up the TRASHFUCK Family. Tracks are taken from various releases from TRASHFUCK Records in the year of 2010 and some tracks from planned releases of 2010 that may not officially be released until 2011 (funding permitting). We support the netlabel scene and underground music, these tracks were taken from limited edition physical releases, but are made available for all to enjoy on this compilation. Feel free to spread this among all you know, put this on SLSK, torrents, blogs, share to yo facespaces, by all means. There is also a cd-r version of this compilation available as a promotional item, given away (among other promotional discs) with orders from our TRASHFUCK catalog and distro. Continue supporting the underground and experimental music societies. Fuck elitists and ignorance! ...And remember always, NOISE!!
(Thanks to and from all the artists on this compilation, everyone who has released or contributed to the progress of TRASHFUCK NET, TRASHFUCK Records, TRASH Tapes, Piss Free Tapes, & Non Quality Audio, and all the labels who have worked with us. We couldn't've done this without you.)

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