Friday, January 27, 2012

Redsk9 and i AM esper full lengths

These items were released either last week or two weeks ago, but I haven't gotten around to putting them up until now.

You can get both of these items for $10, postage paid, and I'll throw in some free stuff.

RedSK - Redsk9 [cd-r]

i AM esper - The Ghosts Of The Fallen Trees, Awaken The Living [cd-r]

Monday, January 23, 2012

Hindu Pez - Unsellable (net-release)

I know we've stopped doing net-releases, but in some cases I make exceptions.

As a long time supporter of Hindu Pez, I recommend you check out this release. Breakcore/Industrial Hardcore electronics with touches of Metal samples here and there, thrown about. There's not much I can really say about this that you can't decide for yourself based on a listen, so just check it out.

[item image]

Artist: Hindu Pez
Album: Unsellable
Year: 2012
CAT#: TFN341
Style: Powernoise, Industrial, Hardcore, Breakcore

01. AIM highest
02. Fuck On The Flood And Break Shit
03. I've Come to bring you payback bitch
04. Bring Me The Head Of Chad Kroeger
05. Religion Is Poisonous
06. Pretentious Club Kids Can Suck These Fuckin Nuts

Monday, January 16, 2012

3 new releases!

There are actually more than three new releases, but I don't have pictures of everything yet, so I'll just name the two that'll be featured in the next post. i AM esper has a new full length out and my own Redsk9 cd-r finally dropped. I'll post more about that later.

For now though:

[TFR137] Der Domestizierte Mensch, Problem Anderer Leute, Hēnglìkùpòlǐyǎěr - This Is Not My Life

This is actually a 2011 release, but I haven't announced it until now, although a lot of you may have this already as I've been putting them in packages secretly ;)
[TFR087] Crawfish 81 & RedSK - Mean Green Grass

[TFR131] RedSK vs. Hēnglìkùpòlǐyǎěr - Stupid Fucking Asshole

Each of these are going for $4 for the rest of this month, or you can get all three for $10. Our paypal AND email is, so hit us up.

In other news, we're about to launch a new label entitled Quexium Records, the aim being it's NOT a DIY label, not in a pure sense, we will be putting out pro CD, tape and vinyl releases. TRASHFUCK Records will still run as usual, we're just broadening our horizons a bit. Enjoy! Death to false noise!