Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Catch you all up to speed on last week's update...

Coming soon:


Latest Releases:

[TFN212] Club Sauce - FSP/FJC

[TFN211] Graffiti Mechanism - Park

[TFN210] Mixedupmess - Lesbian Natzi Hooker And Be Abducted Be Aliens And Forced Into A Weight Loss Program

[TFN209] Havoc on Fire and TETRAMIXINA - Beheading Of A Black Wolf Split

[TFN208] GxSxOxGxPx & SxSxTxNx - Split (Untitled/Anal Straciatella)

[TFN207] Christgau's Last Stand - Christgau's

[TFN206] Citric Acid Reflux - The Blood Under Peel

[TFN205] Graffiti Mechanism - ep5

[TFN204] Sons Of Branford - Gilgamesh

[TFN203] javihyev. - Sublevel Blues

[TFN202] +noredirect (Quendus + RedSK) - Radio+Head

[TFN201] RedSK, Uninterpretative no! - Wrath & The Rapture Split

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