Saturday, January 19, 2013

Coming soon in 2013

[TFR063] RedSK + Necroanal - Fantasm Cock Spewing Smegma
[TFR082] Insideout028 / Tjere - Morality, Religion, And Epistemology
[TFR097] Aural Resuscitation Unit - Free Movement Between States
[TFR117] Jason "EVIL" Covelli - Archive Of EVIL Vol. 1
[TFR119] Simply Wow! - Steamrolled Grandmas And Rainbow Kitty Cats
[TFR129] Mutant Beatniks / Disgorged Faeces / RedSK - Putrefaction Bacteria
[TFR135] Totally Pissed Off - Tales From The Crust EP
[TFR140] GX Jupitter-Larsen & Jason "EVIL" Covelli - Untitled
[TFR141] Kenji Siratori / RedSK - Rebug
[TFR144] Esion / Jason "EVIL" Covelli - Split
[TFR146] Lady Cumdumpster vs. Koobaatoo Asparagus - Asparagus Lady Remixes
[TFR148] Weluvpot - Full Onion Vol. 4
[TFR149] Stiverson - The Lost LP
[TFR155] Mitä? / Freequinsee / Jason "EVIL" Covelli / RedSK - Still Unnamed
[TFR160] RedSK vs. Koobaatoo Asparagus - Gnarly Remixes 2
[TFR166] Flat Affect / RedSK - Split 7 Inch
[TFR171] Heirdrain / RedSK - Black Obliteration
[TFR172] Nathan Finley - 10 Minutes
[TFR173] Ordo Lacrima Christi - Self-Titled
[TFR179] Faction Disaster / RedSK / Ballsonbitchs - Something Offensive
[TFR180] Medicinal Groove - Live @ Mental Spaghetti Festival 3
[TFR181] Ballsonbitchs / Lady Cumdumpster - Split 7 Inch
[TFR182] Lady Cumdumpster / RedSK vs. teh soup rebellion / Bruxism / Faction Disaster / Total Hipster Crusher / Dental Work - Live @ Mental Spaghetti Festival 3
[TFR184] RedSK - Harsh3
[TFR188] VA - Shit Your Damn Pants; A Noise Compilation In Roughly 5 Hours
[TFR190] Psychotic Sufferance / RedSK - Live To Grind, Noise To Die!
[TFR193] RedSK - Big Tim Kills Shangri-La Ghostboy
[TFR194] Sharkie 78 / Jason "EVIL" Covelli - Home for the Conformity Challenged
[TFR196] RedSK / COSBY - Split 2.5
[TFR198] All Odds Against / RedSK - Split
[TFR199] Faction Disaster / RedSK - Split
[TFR200] VA - 8kbps Of Total Pants Shat Action
[TFR201] E. Coli / Jason "EVIL" Covelli / All Women Are Fat / Duckmask / RedSK - Split
[TFR202] Barbeque / RedSK - Split
[TFR203] The Earwigs / RedSK / Jason "EVIL" Covelli - Extraterrestrials With Mental Disorders
[TFR204] Abe Lincoln / Total Hipster Crusher / Winters In Osaka / RedSK - Live 4way Split
[TFR205] Halalnihil - Collection of Utter Disgust [Home Recordings]
[TFR206] TOTAL E.T. vs. Hal McGee / RedSK - Split
[TFR207] Muroidea / RedSK - Split
[TFR208] Wake The Machines / RedSK - Split
[TFR209] Big Cisis Orchester / RedSK - Split
[TFR210] Aaron Midcalf / COSBY / RedSK - THCosbySK 11-8-12
[TFR211] Simply Wow! - Methmatics EP
[TFR212] Stiverson / Gickstep - Split
[TFR213] Watabou / RedSK / A Beautiful Lotus - Split
[TFR214] Jason "EVIL" Covelli / Simply Wow! - Spiritual Journey Of Self-Realization (From Iceland To Kenosha)
[TFR215] Corrupt Humanity / RedSK - Split
[TFR218] Grave Slave / My Failure / Struktur / RedSK - Colonized Life
[TFR220] Jason "EVIL" Covelli - Horrifying Reality, The Remixes Vol. 2
[TFR222] Roman Covelli & RedSK - Why Children Start Fires
[TFR223] She Didn't Respond - How To Abuse Instructual Instruments
[TFR224] Jason "EVIL" Covelli - Horrifying Reality, The Remixes Vol. 3
[TFR225] Jeffrey Dahmer / RedSK - Split
[TFR226] La Bruha Desi La - Crysis Hypothesis
[TFR227] Li Jianhong / Ana Venus - Bleeding Universe
[TFR228] Brutal Death / Paucities - A Galvanized Corpse (out now maybe?)
[TFR229] Swine Flu - Live Material
[TFR230] Archagathus / Jeffrey Dahmer - Split
[TFR231] RedSK / Simply Wow! / Fuckmaker / КАРТОФЕЛЬ - Experiments Part 3
[TFR232] Dead Church / RedSK - Split
[TFR233] RedSK vs. teh soup rebellion - Vision Quest Sides A & B
[TFR234] RedSK / E. Coli / Seagulls Fucking Seagulls - Kitty Feetz Extended
[TFR235] Body 13 - #013 Obtaining Homochirality Through Stochastic Processes
[TFR236] Degenerative Patrons - Night Splash
[TFR237] NRYY / RedSK - Arbor Day / Harsh Inhale Remix
[TFR238] RedSK / Muddy Muff / Ointment / !大(大)大! - Experiments Part 4
[TFR239] ReAL.alTEr.Ego - [Insert Love Title]

I'm sure I'm missing a few titles from the list. But here's a rough estimate of what should come out this year (funding provided).

Thursday, January 3, 2013

TRASHFUCK 2012 Wrap-up

It's been a while since I made a blog post, a lot has happened.

Not ordered in any specific order. Titles listed left to right, top to bottom.
[TFRPROMOSK00] SK - Tryna Get Dat Paper Continuous Mix (available)
[TFR158] RedSK vs. Stiverson - BIACWMW Remixes (available)
[TFRPROMOSK02] SK - That Krills (unavailable)
[TFR197] RedSK / Pollux - Split (available)
[TFR174] Vomir / RedSK - Split (available)
[TFRPROMO05] Various - TRASHFUCK Chanukomp 2012 (available)
[TFR191] RedSK / Problem Anderer Leute / Running To Earth / Violence Cotton Drone - Birth Of Beautiful Things (available)
[TFR189] The Drew Batton Experience - Self-Titled (available)
[TFR219] Tha Deftones / SELBSTMORD KÖNIG / Tjere / What It's Like To Be Hostile - Same In The End (available)
[TFR214] Jason "EVIL" Covelli / Simply Wow! - Spiritual Journey Of Self-Realization (From Iceland To Kenosha) (available)
[TFR217] Simply Wow! / (o)†hers / Fresh Dead Seagulls / vomits - We Live Under Rocks (available)
[TFR118] Simply Wow! - Horses Riding Men (available)
[TFRPROMO14] Running To Earth - 2 Random Jams (available)
[TFR185] To-Bo - Silent Killer (available)
[TFR147] RedSK / devin.jpeg - Split (available)
[TFR216] Jason "EVIL" Covelli / Halluciphile / All Women Are Fat / Acid Trash - Altar Ov Trash (available)
[TFRPROMO12] Behind The Gun - BTG 2012 Demo (available)
[TFR127] Bastard Child - Re-Recycled (available)
[TFR111] The Big Drum In The Sky Religion - Les Origines Des Mondes (available)
[TFR170] Scientific Sunshine vs. RedSK - Untitled Sessions (available)
[SPTrash00] Flat Affect / Pollux - Not A Split available

[TFR159] tooth_eye - Wave Rape Vol. 2 (unavailable)

[TFR169] SMG / RedSK - Split Tape 2012 (available)

[TFR175] Sid Yiddish & Clean Boys - Safari Freakshow Adventure Tour: Stentor Radio Interview May 10, 2010 (available)

Announcing: Caleb Bragg (Insideout028/Path to Pluto) is also a current operator of TRASHFUCK Records, based out of TN. Here's a photo of a release he put together.

[TFR124] WOLFHOUSE - Whatever Makes You Happy (available)

I'm not accepting orders right now. I need to focus on getting artists copies of their releases, so nothing is for sale until further notice. Feel free to pop on over to the TFR Bandcamp for free downloads of a lot of new releases and old stuff.