Tuesday, September 20, 2011

THC Magic 4way split

[TFR031] RedSK, Zebra Mu, Insideout028, Jason "EVIL" Covelli - THC Magic

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[TFR030] RedSK - Increasing Grief

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RedSK vs. Graffiti Mechanism

This cd is up for free download now too :D

[TFR029] RedSK vs. Graffiti Mechanism - Belleville Is Overrun (Toledo RMX Edition)

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Handpackaged split up for free download

[TFR028] IZFERNOR, CMP2P, Jason EVIL Covelli, RedSK - Handpackaged

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SK028 SELF TITLED FULL LENGTH up for free download!

[TFR027] SK028 - Self-Titled Full Length

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REDSK & INSIDEOUT028's noise-punk band.

LOLICORE! free download

[TFR026] RedSK, Dental Work, DJ Scratchin', teh soup rebellion - Lolicore

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TFR025 free download!

[TFR025] RedSK + Mackle Jackle - Convoluted Hymns + Shanakee Dogs

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TFR024 for free download

[TFR024] Wolfseule, RedSK, NAPALMED, God Pussy - Dedicated To The Composer John Cage

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TFN334 - TFN338

[TFN334] Chaotic Sound & God Pussy - Waiting For Death To Come

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Artist: Chaotic Sound & God Pussy
Album: Waiting For Death To Come
Year: 2011
CAT#: TFN334
Style: Noise

01 Chaotic Sound - Spontaneous Combustion For Social Corruption
02 God Pussy - The Face Of Misery
03 Chaotic Sound - Anthems For A Corpse
04 God Pussy - Nonconformity And Resistance
05 Chaotic Sound - All Forms Of Destruction
06 God Pussy - Concepts Of Human Decay
07 Chaotic Sound - Machine Sorrow
08 God Pussy - Extinction, Caused By The Chaos And Misery

[TFN335] Ethnomite Pux - Blood

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Artist: Ethnomite Pux
Album: Blood
Year: 2011
CAT#: TFN335
Style: Noise, Drone, Experimental, Ambient

1-01 Tokyo Intro
1-02 Tokyo Electric
1-03 Elements of You
1-04 Blending In The Colour Purple 2010 Mix
1-05 Clackers
1-06 Heartbreaker instrumental Version
1-07 Electric Kaleidoscope
1-08 0.01
1-09 Nepal long Version
1-10 Tokyo Skyline
2-01 COnscious 1998 Mix
2-02 Blending In The Colour Purple 2010 Echo Mix
2-03 Clackers 02
2-04 The Disinherited Mind
2-05 Clackers 03
2-06 Experimenting With A Tokyo Skyline
2-07 Clackers 04

[TFN336] noiseoftherose - 83 Old Tracks Mixtape (I Don't Care About Oval Edition)

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Artist: noiseoftherose
Album: 83 Old Tracks Mixtape (I Don't Care About Oval Edition)
Year: 2011
CAT#: TFN336
Style: Noise, Experimental, Glitch

Tracks 1-46 untitled

Yep... so I've finally found an use to a scratched CD-R with 83 old tracks of various genres, but mostly noise/experimental. Yeah. So let's listen to CD-player skipping and fucking up beats, edited to 25 minutes...

This is already randomized but I think if you also randomize it on your player, you could get better "experience" of listening to this crap. So put shuffle on.

Cover depicts my surroundings.

Tracks 01-46 0:32
Track 47 0:38

Made 2006-2010
Recorded/edited 2011.06.20 21:00 - 23:00

I don't care about Oval, I just found this lying somewhere in my room. I apparently don't care about my discs also.

[TFN337] Master Toad - Garden Of Nightmares

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Artist: Master Toad
Album: Garden Of Nightmares
Year: 2011
CAT#: TFN337
Style: Dark Ambient, Drone

01. Garden Of Nightmares
02. LDNP5 (Album Teaser)

[TFN338] RedSK vs. Ethnomite Pux - Blood Destruction

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Artist: RedSK vs. Ethnomite Pux
Album: Blood Destruction
Year: 2011
CAT#: TFN338
Style: Drone, Noise

01. Blood Destruction Part 1
02. Blood Destruction Parts 2 & 3
03. Blood Destruction Part 4