Monday, August 6, 2012

3 new releases, one old.

Three brand new releases! And an older tape release I forgot to mention in previous blog posts.

First up: TFR125
Crank Sturgeon / RedSK / Jason "EVIL" Covelli

A gruesome mix of hand-crafted noise and noises, power electronics/noise-violence, and doomed truth spoken word.

01 Crank Sturgeon - Gods Tried; Done
02 Crank Sturgeon - Dape Hill Opp's
03 Crank Sturgeon - A Higher Class Of Shirt
04 Crank Sturgeon - Shindert
05 Crank Sturgeon - Ra'Q Afore
06 Crank Sturgeon - Meszov
07 Crank Sturgeon - Iuuuuy
08 Crank Sturgeon - Chimwua
09 RedSK - Big Tim Visits Crosswinds Marsh Part 1
10 RedSK - Big Tim Visits Crosswinds Marsh Part 2
11 RedSK - Big Tim Visits Crosswinds Marsh Part 3
12 RedSK - Big Tim Visits Crosswinds Marsh Part 4
13 RedSK - Big Tim Visits Crosswinds Marsh Part 5
14 RedSK - Big Tim Visits Crosswinds Marsh Part 6
15 RedSK - Big Tim Visits Crosswinds Marsh Part 7
16 RedSK - Big Tim Visits Crosswinds Marsh Part 8
17 RedSK - Big Tim Visits Crosswinds Marsh Part 9
18 RedSK - Twist That Knob, Push That Button (Feat. teh soup rebellion)
19 Jason "EVIL" Covelli - Anger Management Vs. Therapy

Unlimited edition.

Second release: TFR139
"La Feminista Muerte"

A blatantly misogynistic goretronics/wall/harsh release from the ever-troubled Arseterror.

01 Completely Incomprehensible Goretronic Wall
02 Western Society World Problems

Unlimited edition.

And lastly: TFR104
Kaustikutt / Dental Work / Fabrict / Adam Sapphire / RedSK / Unauthorized Fatal Operation / Running To Earth
"Ultimate TRASH"

A seven way split of various genres, everything from coldwave/industrial, cut'em'up anxiety tweak glitch noise, dark industrial noise, experimental nerdcore hip-hop, concrete punk, harsh noise, and rock'n'roll jam band type stuff.

01 Kaustikutt - Perversion
02 Kaustikutt - Distance Myself?
03 Kaustikutt - Power
04 Dental Work - Smoke Stack Cancer Manifestation + Dollar Signs On My Mind + Our Friend Kabob
05 Dental Work - I Used To Be A Dreamer
06 Fabrict - A Vivisekting God
07 Fabrict - For Your Protektion
08 Adam Sapphire - Memories of Her No Longer Guide My Sword
09 Adam Sapphire - Open Up Your Eyes It's All Fucking Bullshit
10 Adam Sapphire - The God Particle (Deus Ex Machina)
11 RedSK - Ballad Of Lost Lovers
12 RedSK - Battering Ram For Rescuing Junkie Girls
13 RedSK - Paranoid About Smoking Pieces
14 RedSK - Live @ Magic Stick, Detroit w/ Random Drunk People On Vox
15 RedSK - Presciption Pill Constipation
16 Unauthorized Fatal Operation - 3, 4 Methylenedioxymethamphetamine
17 Running To Earth - Fetus (May 2nd 2011)
18 Running To Earth - Marijuana

Unlimited edition.

This tape you don't know about if you only read the blog: TFR150
"Party On My Wayward Son"

A drug-driven tribute to to Kansas (and in a smaller way, Eddie Murphy). No further explanation needed. Split #2 out of 6.5 splits.

Side A: RedSK - Party On My Weigh-Warred Sun / Knight In Shining Seroquel / Smoking Synthetics / Some Necrosexual Noise / SK Steroid Abuse Mashup
Side B: COSBY - Geeked Up Off Them Bars / Breakdancing Buster / You Don't Know Me / Bath Salt Interlude / Wrap It Up

Limited to 82 copies.

All releases are $5 a piece, get at me about deals for distros, or get at me about free copies for zines and websites who do reviews.