Friday, April 20, 2012


It's finally here, I've got the first several copies made (out of a total of 90-something).
These are available for $6.66 postage paid inside the US.
Buy a copy so I can ship AG their copies.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

4 new releases!

Here are the latest releases we've been cranking out.

[TFR153] Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt, Graffiti Mechanism, Violence Cotton Drone, Jason EVIL Covelli - Split

01 Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt - A Post-Modern Metamorphosis
02 Graffiti Mechanism - The Music
03 Violence Cotton Drone - Thunderdrone
04 Jason "EVIL" Covelli - Gruesome Valentine's

[TFR152] RedSK, Dingle, Hlo, Dental Work - Savage Planet
(co-release with Flaccid Plastic Records
TRASHFUCK version:

Flaccid Plastic version:

01 Dingle - Savage Planet 01
02 hlo - I Forgot What I First Named This Track
03 hlo - Grow Up And Die
04 Dingle - Savage Planet 02
05 RedSK - QQQQ
06 hlo - Cops Eating At A C Rated Donut Shop In Mid Town Foo
07 Dental Work - Banned From Inside Out Gallery For Life
08 Dingle - Savage Planet 03
09 hlo - Ok Fine Let's Make A Deal If It Hurts Just Tell Me To Take It Out
10 RedSK - Quexium
11 Dingle - Savage Planet 04
12 hlo - Phene Ya Mean

[TFR099] fabioRosho & RedSK - Raw Audio Material

01 fabioRosho - It Goes In A Way That Maybe You Could Figure Out
02 fabioRosho - No Good Mixing At All
03 fabioRosho - Something
04 fabioRosho - Wishing A Footjob From Clarissa Giacomini
05 fabioRosho - Walking On The Streets With Netlabel Noise On Hearphones
06 RedSK - Bleeding From Every Opening
07 RedSK - Other People's Migraines
08 RedSK - Power Electronics PSA
09 RedSK - Unable To Perform Simple Actions
10 RedSK - A Pointless Intervention (No Matter What Any Of You Do Or Say, There Is No Chance Of Me Not Taking Drugs On A Regular Basis)

[TFR128] The Circulatory System - Hemoglobin Variants
(co-release with Flaccid Plastic, their version not shown here)

01 Hb C
02 Hb D
03 Hb E
04 Hb M
05 Hb O
06 Hb S
07 Hb G

For one week, get all four of these items for $10 postage paid inside the US.

Friday, April 13, 2012

RedSK - Big Tim Befriends A Platypus

Head on over to Burial Recordings and pick up a copy of the new RedSK album.

1 Harsh PV Doom (Noisepoetnobody Remix)

2 Harsh PV Wall (Power Chaos Mix By Noiseoftherose)

3 Big Tim Visits Crosswinds Marsh Part 6 (Dingle Remix)

4 You Buy Your Vinyl At Hot Topic (abrokentomorrow Remix)

5 Dragonology feat. Army of 2600 (Bleepoid Sleezoid Remix By Syphilis Sauna)

6 You Were Grinding (Evil Robot Ted Remix)

7 A Paranoid Life Remix (Feat. Jason "EVIL" Covelli)

8 Mountains Of Sorrow (Hlo Remix)

9 Big Tim Returns To The Barren Wastelands Of Shangri-La (Woodland Carnage Remix By JVHV)

10 You Do These Things (Frank Goshit Remix)

11 Platypus Wall

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Next few releases

RedSK / Dingle / hlo / Dental Work - Savage Planet [cd-r] (co-release with Flaccid Plastic Records)
The Circulatory System - Hemoglobin Variants [3"] (co-release with Flaccid Plastic Records)
Agathocles / RedSK - split [cassette]
Pollux / Playing with nuns - Suicide Substance [cd-r]

Out right now:
Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt / Graffiti Mechanism / Violence Cotton Drone / Jason "EVIL" Covelli - split [cd-r]
(photo coming soon)

Jason "EVIL" Covelli & Noise Nazi split

The long-awaited split between doomed truth spoken word madman and no-holds-barred offensive noise legend is finally out on three inch cd-r. I only have three copies left of this edition of 15. So get a copy while I still have them.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

RedSK - Quite Another Confrontation

New cd-r release by RedSK on No Skinny Jeans Records.

1. Brian Butzin Is A Crybaby
2. Emo Slut Remix (Feat. hlo)
3. Formaldehyde Guy
4. Fuck Up Remix (Feat. hlo)
5. Salvia Divinorum Bad Trip Time Travel VIP
6. Wb666 Remix (Feat. hlo)
8. Missing Link Remix (Feat. Koobaatoo Asparagus)
9. A Mask Of Death Remix (Feat. Jason EVIL Covelli)
10. Research Chemicals
11. Fishbone Wall (Feat. Pollux & Lady Cumdumpster)

So go find Michael Scott on facebook get trade him for a copy of this.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012