Thursday, November 1, 2012

Late blog update. New releases!

[TFR156] Orgasm Denial / RedSK - Muzik For...

01. Orgasm Denial - Muzik For G-Ultra
02. Orgasm Denial - Muzik For C.E.F.G.
03. RedSK - Music For My Father
04. RedSK - Music For Shat Pants

Straight up harsh noise! Unlimited press.

[TFR186] Lt. Dan / RedSK - Split

01. Lt. Dan - Live @ Papa Chinn's Chili Emporium 6-30-12
02. RedSK - Live @ Ye Olde TRASH Pad 8-26-12

Live shit, Michigan mince and noise. Limited to 50 copies.

[TFR176] Jason "EVIL" Covelli - Horrifying Reality, The Remixes Vol. 1

01. The Clinical Study Of My Own Insanity (Rantings Of A Madman Remix By Arseterror)
02. It's A Shame That Life Is The Low Hanging Apple (A Hand Shuffled Mix Of Various Jason "EVIL" Covelli Tracks By IZFernor)
03. Plain And Fucking Simple (Swinemix By Swin Deorin)
04. Morally Fucking Wrong (Nonima Remix)
05. I'm Not A Martyr (Meat Glue Remix)
06. In Truth (NRYY Remix)
07. Bound, Gagged And Truly Fucking Insane (The Wall Of Released Scream Remix By mhz_)
08. Abduction Notice (WOLFHOUSE Remix)
09. No Remorse, No Shame (Richard Wilmer Remix)
10. No Remorse, No Shame (Violence Cotton Drone Remix)
11. My Personal Gripes (Fresh Dead Seagulls Remix)
12. My Personal Gripes (cigarettes and booze Remix)
13. The Clinical Study Of My Own Insanity (Trapped In These Walls Remix By Arseterror)

The first volume of spoken word doomed truth remixes of Jason "EVIL" Covelli. 12 more volumes to go. Unlimited press.

[TFR132] Nihilist Execution / Arseterror - Split

01. Nihilist Execution - Intro
02. Nihilist Execution - Untitled Harsh Noise
03. Nihilist Execution - Untitled Tracks
04. Nihilist Execution - Untitled Trax
05. Arseterror - Noel In Hell
06. Arseterror - Saint Nick Can Suck My Dick
07. Arseterror - Santa Claus Getting Incinerated By My Fireplace
08. Arseterror - Santa's Reindeer Shit Down My Chimney

Noisy split from two sick weirdos. Unlimited press.

[TFRPROMO13] Jason "EVIL" Covelli - Facing Reality Head On

01. Just A Wonderful Thought
02. No Working Class
03. Plain And Fucking Simple

A short and maniacal spoken word doomed truth EP from Mr. EVIL. Originally intended as a net-release for proc-records. Unlimited press, promo/free.

[TFR116] Gorgonized Dorks / RedSK - Disregard Your Life

01. Gorgonized Dorks - Untitled 19:27
02. RedSK - Copper Quack, The Quacker Cop
03. RedSK - Humiliating Death
04. RedSK - Picking Apples

An weirdo noise session from the mighty G.Dorks and some harsh stuff from SK. Unlimited press.

[TFRPROMO14] Running To Earth - 2 Random Jams

01. Random Jam 3-7-11
02. Random Jam 3-9-11

Garage rock lo-fi jam session recordings from Running To Earth. Unlimited press, promotional/free.

[TFR100] Stiverson - State Raised

01. Cluster Fuck
02. Ben
03. Breakage
04. Care
05. Cott
06. Drummland
07. Enui Remix
08. Frizzeld 1
09. Gord Prototype
10. Gravity 212 Remix VIP
11. Grim
12. Jizzummmm
13. Metal Balls
14. Ophindian Remix
15. P 2
16. Scanline Horizon Dissasssiotive 1
17. Smash TV
18. Wookie 1
19. Youth In Asia
20. Zorg

Drum'n'bass/breakcore from Detroit. Unlimited press.

[TFR185] To-Bo - Silent Killer

01. Silent Killer
02. Silent Killer Part 2
03. Silent Killer Part 3

Harshnoise from Germany. Unlimited press.

Promotional releases are free with any order. Each disc is $5.50, postage paid in the US. International orders add 1.50 for the first item and .50 each additional item. Paypal

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