Friday, April 13, 2012

RedSK - Big Tim Befriends A Platypus

Head on over to Burial Recordings and pick up a copy of the new RedSK album.

1 Harsh PV Doom (Noisepoetnobody Remix)

2 Harsh PV Wall (Power Chaos Mix By Noiseoftherose)

3 Big Tim Visits Crosswinds Marsh Part 6 (Dingle Remix)

4 You Buy Your Vinyl At Hot Topic (abrokentomorrow Remix)

5 Dragonology feat. Army of 2600 (Bleepoid Sleezoid Remix By Syphilis Sauna)

6 You Were Grinding (Evil Robot Ted Remix)

7 A Paranoid Life Remix (Feat. Jason "EVIL" Covelli)

8 Mountains Of Sorrow (Hlo Remix)

9 Big Tim Returns To The Barren Wastelands Of Shangri-La (Woodland Carnage Remix By JVHV)

10 You Do These Things (Frank Goshit Remix)

11 Platypus Wall

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