Monday, January 23, 2012

Hindu Pez - Unsellable (net-release)

I know we've stopped doing net-releases, but in some cases I make exceptions.

As a long time supporter of Hindu Pez, I recommend you check out this release. Breakcore/Industrial Hardcore electronics with touches of Metal samples here and there, thrown about. There's not much I can really say about this that you can't decide for yourself based on a listen, so just check it out.

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Artist: Hindu Pez
Album: Unsellable
Year: 2012
CAT#: TFN341
Style: Powernoise, Industrial, Hardcore, Breakcore

01. AIM highest
02. Fuck On The Flood And Break Shit
03. I've Come to bring you payback bitch
04. Bring Me The Head Of Chad Kroeger
05. Religion Is Poisonous
06. Pretentious Club Kids Can Suck These Fuckin Nuts

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