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[TFR035] Mitä? vs. RedSK - Mölyapina

Mitä? vs. RedSK - Mölyapina

Mitä? vs. RedSK - Mölyapina

CDr, Limited Edition
19 Nov 2010
Electronic, Rock
Folk Rock, Grindcore, Noise, Breakcore, Abstract, Avantgarde, Glitch, Art Rock, Black Metal, Experimental


1Mitä? vs. Avaruusninja vs. Niittojyrä terotuskone vs. Unknown Artist - Värikalvon Melanooma
2Mitä? - The Incredibly Dull Series - I Soundcheck
3Mitä? - The Incredibly Dull Series - II Repetition Is One Of The Secrets Of Success Nowadays
4Mitä? - Same Song (RedSK Cover)
Written-By - RedSK
5Mitä? - Kurkkumätä II (II)
6Mitä? - Suomi Usa Fffffuuuuuuuu
7Avaruusninja - Please Turn The Volume Up Now, Thank You I
8Mitä? - Kulutuspakko & Skin Flute
9Mitä? - Intermission - Fucking Proghippies!
10Mitä? - Armomurha
11Mitä? - Herätessä Esiintyvä Katekoliamiiniherkkä Polymorfinen Idiopaattinen Kammiotakykardia
12Mitä? - Rakkautta Huokuu Maa (Euthanasia Cover)
Written-By - Euthanasia (4)
13Mitä? - H.C. Andersen
14Mitä? - Vitun Surffarit Vittu (Previously Released Mix)
15Mitä? - Lud
16Mitä? - No Thats A Wrong Beat, Besides, You Seem To Have No Sense Of Rhythm
17Mitä? - Kivimurskaamo
18Mitä? - Vitun Surffarit Vittu (Extended Version)
19Mitä? - Marvin And Crunchy Invade The Sperm Bank (Especially Likely Sloth Cover - Live In Underwood)
20Mitä? - Im Reverend Smith, Im Dead
21Mitä? - Warm Summer Wind..
22Mitä? - Please Turn The Volume Up Now, Thank You III
23Mitä? - Lopullisen Paskan Koostumus
24Sumue - Discordia
25RedSK - The Sun
26RedSK - Drop Tha World
27Worlds Are Made Up Of Tiny Faces - Cute Little Shoes And Hats
28tooth_eye* vs. RedSK - I'm So An Alcoholic (moomermix)
29RedSK - Atari Pimps Hellicopter Battle Sequence
30Insect Regime - Sugar Cubes Acting As Ice Packs For This Missing Liver
31RedSK - Nothing Like This Rendition (Tribute To J Dilla, RIP)
32Knife-Edged Butterknife Ninjas - Scratching Pulse Of The Haunted Staircase
33RedSK - Swoon Song
34RedSK - Oh Shit
35Halifax, Bitch! - Vqisgayyy
36Detroit Newspaper - Whiggity Whack
37RedSK - No, That's Not It
38It's Always Last Tuesday Somewhere - My Career Is All Down-Hill From Here
39RedSK - Lamb's Head
40extreme gastro discomfort - Three Bleahur Derr Rrrr Songs
41RedSK - Briskly Dying
42Rusty Acres - It's Not Easy Being Rusty
43RedSK - Bird Battle
44SDSA - 420 Rap
45RedSK - Part 1 (Intox)
46RedSK - Part 2 (Detox)
47RedSK - (Jean-Pierre)


Limited to 50 copies. Each copy is numbered, each disc is painted with a stencil, tracklist is seperate from artwork.

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