Thursday, February 3, 2011

Releases available as of Feb 3 2011!

Apparently I didn't save my images of the Big Drum In The Sky Religion cd or the Total Hipster Crusher vs. RedSK split/collabo tapes... but they do exist. Here's a full list of what our catalog/distro offers:

TRASHFUCK Records [Label/Distro]

Individual releases: $5. 3 items for $10. 7 items for $20. 40 items for $100. Package deals for big orders, labels, distros.

We pay shipping. International orders must be $20 US or more.

We accept well-hidden cash, checks, money orders, paypal.


All proceeds go into furthering the label to keep underground, experimental, & extreme music alive.

Either email me or snail me when placing orders BEFORE sending payment.

We accept trades for 5 or more items at a time.
We trade for blank tapes and discs, 3 blank tapes /1 item, 5 blank discs /1 item.

(We also have a plethora of unlisted promotional items that are given away with every purchase)


22030 Fenster

Belleville MI 48111



Agathocles / Lettuce Vultures

“Split 7 Inch”

Dental Work / RedSK

“Overdose Orgasms / Belleville Is Overrun With The MRSA Staph Infection”

endometrium cuntplow

“Dirty Footprints In The Forest”

endometrium cuntplow vs. teh soup rebellion



“Mind Distortion”


“World Decay”


“Correctly Receive Directions From A Dominant Force”


“Posthumous Nude Painting”

Lady Cumdumpster / NB,DP! / Swine Flu / Casper Decker

“Music For Stoners”

Master Toad & Pollux

“Offer Their Souls”

Merankorii / RedSK

“Red Silk”

Noise Nazi, Fickdichinsknie, RedSK

“Adolescent Death”




“Beastial Unbourne Undead”


“Increasing Grief”




“Yelling Is The New Screaming”

RedSK vs. A Mannequins Smile
”Kiss The Naked Mannequin Mans Hand”

RedSK, Aural Resuscitation Unit, Swine Flu, t error

“Deceptive Vaccine”

RedSK, Dental Work, DJ Scratchin’, teh soup rebellion


RedSK vs. Fbrz

“African Wood Guaging”

RedSK / Finger Death Party

“2 Splits, 1 Tape +Bonus Tracks

RedSK vs. Mitä?


RedSK vs. Paregorik

“Potato Drug Smuggling”

RedSK, Paregorik, GAAD, ƒIƒVƒŠƒyƒ“ƒyƒ“ƒY

RedSK / Playing With Nuns / To-Bo


RedSK vs. teh soup rebellion

“2009 Promo”

RedSK / White Mountains

“The Omnisciences Of Time Interject With Modal Impossibility”

Seven Seconds Of Coitus

“Self Titled”

Sleepers / RedSK / Insideout028 / SK028

“Hidden Dialogue”


“Obscure Rare Unreleased Underground…”

The Big Drum In The Sky Religion

“From Pussys To Death, And Back Again (Eternal Freakout)”

Thug Bites

“Inglan Is A Bitchass Wack Mothafucka”

Total Hipster Crusher vs. RedSK


Trashfuck Records Lonely Hearts Club Band


Various Artists

“Impetus Vol. 1 (An International, Multi-Genre, Anti-Fascism Compilation)”

Wolfseule / RedSK / NAPALMED / God Pussy

“Dedicated To The Composer John Cage”

Zebra Mu

“Odd-Toed Ungulate Superorder”

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  1. Thug Bites is a huge music groove on Trashfuck...awesome