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TFR002: teh soup rebellion - ©opyWRITE Infringement

teh soup rebellion - ©opyWRITE Infringement

teh soup rebellion - ©opyWRITE Infringement

CDr, Limited Edition
05 Mar 2009
Musique Concrète, Breakcore, Dub, Future Jazz, Rhythmic Noise, Noise, Hip Hop, IDM, Experimental


1teh soup rebellion - Intro
2teh soup rebellion - Prologue
3teh soup rebellion - Chapter 1: Why Guys Hit Girls
4teh soup rebellion - Couldn't Find My Rolling Papers, So I Used The Book
5teh soup rebellion - Escaping From The Oakland County Jail
6teh soup rebellion - Delusions Of Grandeur
7teh soup rebellion - Interlude/Beast Of Burden
8teh soup rebellion - That Getting Arrested In Sherwood Park Blues
Featuring - RedSK
9RedSK - Introlude: Wanna Match A Bowl? Nah We Got Our Own Weed Kthx!
10teh soup rebellion - Crank Dat 4:20
Featuring - RedSK
11teh soup rebellion - Pot Plant Paradise
12teh soup rebellion - Photoshopped Pictures© Theme
13teh soup rebellion - Photoshopped Pictures© Theme V2
14teh soup rebellion - We Didn't Start The Fire In Winnipeg Cuz It's A Frozen Shithole
15teh soup rebellion - Nursery Rhymes You've Never Heard
16teh soup rebellion - I Got Kicked Out Of McDonald's For Fucking In The Playplace
17teh soup rebellion - Buck Fush
18teh soup rebellion - I'm To Pussy (What Coke Is To Crown)


Performer, Mixed By, Producer, Artwork By - Scott Gerst (tracks: 1 to 8, 10 to 18)


Music performed, mixed, and compiled by Scott Gerst.

Tracks 8-11 feature RedSK, either performing or sampled.

Track 16 was featured as an interlude to RedSK's album "Subatomic Space Kitten".

Scott Gerst and Patrick Doyle (of teh soup rebellion and RedSK respectively) were arrested while performing and recording Track 08 for possession of marijuana.
Track 09 was recorded after RedSK was released

Tracks 12-17 are earlier demo tracks from various video projects and random unreleased experimentations from '06-'08.

Track 18 is not a bonus track

The CDr version on TRASHFUCK Records was limited to 20 copies wil full colour artwork.

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