Monday, November 14, 2011

Entire TRASHFUCK Records catalog as of 11-14-11

This is every release that either HAS come out, or WILL come out soon.
I will have an updated list of what is available and what is out of print shortly.

[TFR001] RedSK vs. teh soup rebellion - 2009 Promo
[TFR002] teh soup rebellion - ©opyWRITE Infringement
[TFR003] Insideout028 vs. RedSK - RedSK vs. INSIDEOUT028
[TFR004] RedSK vs. teh soup rebellion - Vision Quest Side A
[TFR005] teh soup rebellion - Not To Be Blunt, But I Smoke 'Em EP
[TFR006] HEROIN... - Helpless Ethnic Refugees Out In Nigeria
[TFR007] RedSK, Boar - Split
[TFR008] RedSK vs. Fbrz - African Wood Gauging
[TFR009] RedSK & hhhhh - Partially Hydro Powered
[TFR010] Swine Flu - First Notice
[TFR011] RedSK, PFP - X-Rated
[TFR012] Swine Flu - Airbourne Bonds
[TFR013] RedSK - Redsk3
[TFR014] Sleepers, RedSK, Insideout028, SK028 - Hidden Dialogue
[TFR015] Various - Impetus Vol. 1
[TFR016] RedSK / Oh Yes, By All Means / Insideout028 / Animal Machine - Audible Suffering
[TFR017] RedSK, Swin Deorin, MIXEDUPMESS, Emo Kid, SK028 - Sleeping Forever
[TFR018] RedSK, Artsehcro Ytic Llams, Goreky, SK028, Jason "EVIL" Covelli - Sköldpadda
[TFR019] Blackgirlfriend - August 29 2009 Live Jams
[TFR020] RedSK, Gorgonized Dorks, Ego Death, Jason "EVIL" Covelli - Can'-Ka No Rey
[TFR021] teh soup rebellion - Thought For Food (Advance Copy)
[TFR022] Jason "EVIL" Covelli - The Sick And The Psychotic
[TFR023] Endometrium Cuntplow, Dental Work, Popsicle Dice Love, RedSK - 4way Split Re-release
[TFR024] Wolfseule, RedSK, NAPALMED, God Pussy - Dedicated To The Composer John Cage
[TFR025] RedSK / Mackle Jackle - Convoluted Hymns / Shanakee Dogs
[TFR026] RedSK, Dental Work, DJ Scratchin', teh soup rebellion - Lolicore
[TFR027] SK028 - Self-Titled Full Length
[TFR028] IZFERNOR, CMP2P, Jason "EVIL" Covelli, RedSK - Handpackaged
[TFR029] RedSK vs. Graffiti Mechanism - Belleville Is Overrun (Toledo RMX Edition)
[TFR030] RedSK - Increasing Grief
[TFR031] RedSK, Zebra Mu, Insideout028, Jason "EVIL" Covelli - THC Magic
[TFR032] RedSK, Nathan Watson, Zebulon Kosted, Rectal Twat - Frozen TRASH
[TFR033] Total Hipster Crusher vs. RedSK - THCSK
[TFR034] RedSK, Jarrett Fields, Paddo One, Biological Species Concept - Violent Galaxy
[TFR035] Mitä vs. RedSK - Mölyapina
[TFR036] Trashfuck Records Lonely Hearts Club Band - Thai-Fighter
[TFR037] RedSK - Redsk1
[TFR038] Torturing Nurse, RedSK, Jason "EVIL" Covelli - A Bonding Experience
[TFR039] Intestinal Disgorge, RedSK, Jason "EVIL" Covelli - American Cannibals
[TFR040] Ghoul Detail & RedSK - Pain, Discomfort, Extreme Anguish
[TFR041] Graffiti Mechanism - VRR
[TFR042] Jason ''EVIL'' Covelli & RedSK - Who's Dick Do You Have To Suck
[TFR043] endometrium cuntplow vs. teh soup rebellion - Quakes
[TFR044] Adam Cooley - Currently Untitled
[TFR045] B I P - O Blabli O Blabla
[TFR046] NRYY - A guitar murderous fiend
[TFR047] Rectal Twat & Jason ''EVIL'' Covelli - Untitled Split
[TFR048] FluiD - The Low Frequency Predator
[TFR049] Cock E.S.P., Dental Work, Boron Nuzzle - Live @ B414
[TFR050] PFP - Traumatized
[TFR051] Master Toad & Pollux - Offer Their Souls
[TFR052] Saturn Form Essence, Black Baby, RedSK - Heavier Mental
[TFR053] RedSK vs. Paregorik - Potato Drug Smuggling
[TFR054] The Big Drum In The Sky Religion - From Pussys To Death
[TFR055] DJ Kaos - Murder
[TFR056] Wormhead vs. Spreaders - Untitled Noise Split
[TFR057] hhhhh & Jason "EVIL" Covelli - Whinny
[TFR058] OGOGO vs. RedSK - Torture Device
[TFR059] hhhhh - Correctly Receive Directions From A Dominating Force
[TFR060] Thug Bites - Inglan Is A Bitch Ass Wack Mothafucka
[TFR061] RedSK - Uterus Void
[TFR062] Black Baby - Droppin Acid
[TFR063] RedSK + Necroanal - Fantasm Cock Spewing Smegma
[TFR064] Noise Nazi, Fickdichinsknie, RedSK - Adolescent Death
[TFR065] Lady Cumdumpster / NP,PD! / Swine Flu / Casper Decker - Music For Stoners
[TFR066] TSIDMZ, Aural Resuscitation Unit, RedSK - Suffocating Darkness
[TFR067] tooth_eye - Wave Rape Vol. 1
[TFR068] Jason "EVIL" Covelli, teh soup rebellion, Dental Work - Bloodied, Severed, And Cut Up (RedSK Bringing Friends Together)
[TFR069] ego death - Tartarus' Son
[TFR070] Dental Work & Jason "EVIL" Covelli - split
[TFR071] Kro - From Nothing To Nowhere
[TFR072] I Killed Techno! vs. RedSK - Fuck Net Splits
[TFR073] Damno Te - Cthulhu's Reign
[TFR074] RedSK - Quicknesses
[TFR075] RedSK - Redsk9
[TFR076] Various - Live @ Chilifest Feb 4th 2011
[TFR077] hlo, Koobaatoo Asparagus, RedSK, Dental Work - TRASH Money
[TFR078] Hentai Cum Dungeon - Food Product 2011
[TFR079] RedSK & La Bruha Desi La - Bliss with sex in the sun before the cicadas go silent
[TFR080] Kindergarten Hazing Ritual - Myspace Is Dead
[TFR081] Bludgeonment - Metal Shame EP
[TFR082] The Boy - The Start
[TFR083] Ballsonbitchs, RedSK, Dental Work - Unknown Album
[TFR084] tooth_eye - Wave Rape Vol. 3
[TFR085] Hxlly's World - The Red
[TFR086] Little Mack vs. RedSK - A2 Noise Sassy Kats
[TFR087] Crawfish81 & RedSK - Mean Green Grass
[TFR088] Total Hipster Crusher vs. RedSK - THCSK2
[TFR089] Ballsonbitchs & Jason "EVIL" Covelli - split
[TFR090] RedSK vs. COSBY - Poo-Gina
[TFR091] RedSK & Roheva - Unwelcomed Sexual Advances
[TFR092] Trans Atlantic Rage, I Make Babies Cry, Army Of 2600, El Diablos Bloncos - We Do 4-ways
[TFR093] tooth_eye vs. Trans Atlantic Rage - split
[TFR094] Lady Cumdumpster & Jason "EVIL" Covelli - split
[TFR095] Well Hung Student - Untitled (zombie militia vs. redsk collab)
[TFR096] tooth_eye vs. RedSK - tooth_eye Rapes RedSK
[TFR097] Aural Resuscitation Unit - Free Movement Between States
[TFR098] Stiverson & RedSK - split
[TFR099] fabioRosho & RedSK - Raw Audio Material
[TFR100] Stiverson - State Raised
[TFR101] RedSK - Sampler Card 2011
[TFR102] Jason "EVIL" Covelli - A Fly On A Dead Person's Lips
[TFR103] endometrium cuntplow - Prominent Eruption Imprint Porn Rope Tumor Memory Error
[TFR104] Kaustikutt, Dental Work, Fabrict, Adam Sapphire, RedSK, Unauthorized Fatal Operation, Running To Earth - Ultimate TRASH
[TFR105] Rectal Twat - Nevermore, Nevermore EP
[TFR106] Uninterpretative no! & Hxlly's Wxrld - SPLIT
[TFR107] Violence Cotton Drone, Black Baby, CMP2P, RedSK vs. Running To Earth - Experiments
[TFR108] RedSK, Trans Atlantic Rage, BALOGH, Kids Shooting Kittens - split
[TFR109] RedSK vs. Army Of 2600 - Dragonology
[TFR110] Bludgeonment, TongueBiter, Gorgonized Dorks - Arise! Off Your Knees!!!
[TFR111] The Big Drum In The Sky Religion - Les Origines Des Mondes
[TFR112] RedSK, Fascist Razorback, Jason "EVIL" Covelli - Scumnoise
[TFR113] RedSK vs. Koobaatoo Asparagus - Gnarly Remixes
[TFR114] RedSK - Harsh1
[TFR115] Hxlly's Wxrld - Just Another Day In Murdamar / Teardrop Paradise
[TFR116] Gorgonized Dorks & RedSK - Disregard Your Life
[TFR117] Jason "EVIL" Covelli - Archive Of EVIL Vol. 1
[TFR118] Simply Wow! - Horses Riding Men
[TFR119] Simply Wow! - Steamrolled Grandmas And Rainbow Kitty Cats
[TFR120] Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt - Black Belt Bible Psalm 10
[TFR121] Ballsonbitchs - new album
[TFR122] FluiD vs. Dental Work - Reclusive Remix
[TFR123] Dino Felipe - Cassette Compile
[TFRBW1] Dental Work / RedSK - Overdose Orgasms / Belleville Is Overrun
[TFRBW2] MixeDuPm3$$ / NIGGERTORTURE & NIGGERCHRIST - NeNa / Negro Salvation
[TFRBW3] endometrium cuntplow / RedSK & Re-Killed - in black and white / RedSKilled
[TFRBW4] GAAD / RedSK, c4, Scissor Shock, ExCxPx, Dental Work - La Belle Indifference / Black & White Era 5way #1
[TFRBW5] endometrium cuntplow / Kel's Backyard, (kH)o(Re), RedSK + Necroanal, Preskryption_X, /vomits - Farewell To The Middle Of The West / Black & White Era 5way #2
[TFRPROMO02] Insideout028 - The Blue Caterpillar
[TFRPROMO04] Analnecrobeastiality / MIXEDUPMESS / RedSK - Gun Violence / Hate Tunes / Sucks / Io, Scuzi
[TFRPROMO05] Various - Live @ Radius Recordings 6-16-09
[TFRPROMO06] Microbit Project, Pollux, Simply Wow!
[TFRPROMO07] endometrium cuntplow, Boar, c4
[TFRPROMO08] SDSA - Drug Life
[TFRPROMO09] Pollux - Broken Wing
[TFRPROMOSK01] RedSK - Redsk0
[XTFPRLTD1] RedSK - Cancer Candidate
[TT01] RedSK, Finger Death Party - 2nd Split
[TT02] Loving Is Stalking, Blackgirlfriend, extreme gastro discomfort, RedSK And The Violence Cotton Drone - Brutality
[TT03] Wormhead vs. RedSK - Broken Features
[TT04] Lithuanian Hazard vs. RedSK - Split
[TT05] RedSK, Paregorik, GAAD, ƒIƒVƒŠƒyƒ“ƒyƒ“ƒY - Resistance

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