Saturday, December 24, 2011

Xmas Eve, Catalog list updated!

First off, we have a shitload of new releases at TRASHFUCK Records.
Any items with * in front of the catalog number are unavailable because they are out of print, and we're done making second edition copies, OR because they just haven't come out yet.

All other items are available either in first edition or reprints.
Most items are unlimited runs.

All items are $5 each or 6 for $20. Postage is paid by us.

[TFR001] RedSK vs. teh soup rebellion - 2009 Promo
[TFR002] teh soup rebellion - ©opyWRITE Infringement
*[TFR003] Insideout028 vs. RedSK - RedSK vs. INSIDEOUT028
[TFR004] RedSK vs. teh soup rebellion - Vision Quest Side A
[TFR005] teh soup rebellion - Not To Be Blunt, But I Smoke 'Em EP
*[TFR006] HEROIN... - Helpless Ethnic Refugees Out In Nigeria
[TFR007] RedSK, Boar - Split
[TFR008] RedSK vs. Fbrz - African Wood Gauging
*[TFR009] RedSK & hhhhh - Partially Hydro Powered
[TFR010] Swine Flu - First Notice
[TFR011] RedSK, PFP - X-Rated
[TFR012] Swine Flu - Airbourne Bonds
*[TFR013] RedSK - Redsk3
*[TFR014] Sleepers, RedSK, Insideout028, SK028 - Hidden Dialogue
[TFR015] Various - Impetus Vol. 1
*[TFR016] RedSK / Oh Yes, By All Means / Insideout028 / Animal Machine - Audible Suffering
[TFR017] RedSK, Swin Deorin, MIXEDUPMESS, Emo Kid, SK028 - Sleeping Forever
*[TFR018] RedSK, Artsehcro Ytic Llams, Goreky, SK028, Jason "EVIL" Covelli - Sköldpadda
[TFR019] Blackgirlfriend - August 29 2009 Live Jams
[TFR020] RedSK, Gorgonized Dorks, Ego Death, Jason "EVIL" Covelli - Can'-Ka No Rey
[TFR021] teh soup rebellion - Thought For Food (Advance Copy)
[TFR022] Jason "EVIL" Covelli - The Sick And The Psychotic
*[TFR023] Endometrium Cuntplow, Dental Work, Popsicle Dice Love, RedSK - 4way Split Re-release
[TFR024] Wolfseule, RedSK, NAPALMED, God Pussy - Dedicated To The Composer John Cage
*[TFR025] RedSK / Mackle Jackle - Convoluted Hymns / Shanakee Dogs
*[TFR026] RedSK, Dental Work, DJ Scratchin', teh soup rebellion - Lolicore
[TFR027] SK028 - Self-Titled Full Length
*[TFR028] IZFERNOR, CMP2P, Jason "EVIL" Covelli, RedSK - Handpackaged
[TFR029] RedSK vs. Graffiti Mechanism - Belleville Is Overrun (Toledo RMX Edition)
[TFR030] RedSK - Increasing Grief
[TFR031] RedSK, Zebra Mu, Insideout028, Jason "EVIL" Covelli - THC Magic
*[TFR032] RedSK, Nathan Watson, Zebulon Kosted, Rectal Twat - Frozen TRASH
*[TFR033] Total Hipster Crusher vs. RedSK - THCSK
[TFR034] RedSK, Jarrett Fields, Paddo One, Biological Species Concept - Violent Galaxy
*[TFR035] Mitä vs. RedSK - Mölyapina
*[TFR036] Trashfuck Records Lonely Hearts Club Band - Thai-Fighter
*[TFR037] RedSK - Redsk1
[TFR038] Torturing Nurse, RedSK, Jason "EVIL" Covelli - A Bonding Experience
[TFR039] Intestinal Disgorge, RedSK, Jason "EVIL" Covelli - American Cannibals
[TFR040] Ghoul Detail & RedSK - Pain, Discomfort, Extreme Anguish
*[TFR041] Graffiti Mechanism - VRR
[TFR042] Jason ''EVIL'' Covelli & RedSK - Who's Dick Do You Have To Suck
*[TFR043] endometrium cuntplow vs. teh soup rebellion - Quakes
[TFR044] Adam Cooley - Currently Untitled
[TFR045] B I P - O Blabli O Blabla
[TFR046] NRYY - A guitar murderous fiend
[TFR047] Rectal Twat & Jason ''EVIL'' Covelli - Untitled Split
*[TFR048] FluiD - The Low Frequency Predator
[TFR049] Cock E.S.P., Dental Work, Boron Nuzzle - Live @ B414
[TFR050] PFP - Traumatized
[TFR051] Master Toad & Pollux - Offer Their Souls
[TFR052] Saturn Form Essence, Black Baby, RedSK - Heavier Mental
*[TFR053] RedSK vs. Paregorik - Potato Drug Smuggling
[TFR054] The Big Drum In The Sky Religion - From Pussys To Death
[TFR055] DJ Kaos - Murder
[TFR056] Wormhead vs. Spreaders - Untitled Noise Split
[TFR057] hhhhh & Jason "EVIL" Covelli - Whinny
[TFR058] OGOGO vs. RedSK - Torture Device
[TFR059] hhhhh - Correctly Receive Directions From A Dominating Force
[TFR060] Thug Bites - Inglan Is A Bitch Ass Wack Mothafucka
*[TFR061] RedSK - Uterus Void
[TFR062] Black Baby - Droppin Acid
*[TFR063] RedSK + Necroanal - Fantasm Cock Spewing Smegma
[TFR064] Noise Nazi, Fickdichinsknie, RedSK - Adolescent Death
[TFR065] Lady Cumdumpster / NP,PD! / Swine Flu / Casper Decker - Music For Stoners
[TFR066] TSIDMZ, Aural Resuscitation Unit, RedSK - Suffocating Darkness
[TFR067] tooth_eye - Wave Rape Vol. 1
[TFR068] Jason "EVIL" Covelli, teh soup rebellion, Dental Work - Bloodied, Severed, And Cut Up (RedSK Bringing Friends Together)
[TFR069] ego death - Tartarus' Son
[TFR070] Dental Work & Jason "EVIL" Covelli - split
[TFR071] Kro - From Nothing To Nowhere
[TFR072] I Killed Techno! vs. RedSK - Fuck Net Splits
[TFR073] Damno Te - Cthulhu's Reign
*[TFR074] RedSK - Quicknesses
*[TFR075] RedSK - Redsk9
[TFR076] Various - Live @ Chilifest Feb 4th 2011
[TFR077] hlo, Koobaatoo Asparagus, RedSK, Dental Work - TRASH Money
[TFR078] Hentai Cum Dungeon - Food Product 2011
[TFR079] RedSK & La Bruha Desi La - Bliss with sex in the sun before the cicadas go silent
[TFR080] Kindergarten Hazing Ritual - Myspace Is Dead
*[TFR081] Bludgeonment - Metal Shame EP
*[TFR082] The Boy - The Start
[TFR083] Ballsonbitchs, RedSK, Dental Work - Unknown Album
*[TFR084] tooth_eye - Wave Rape Vol. 3
*[TFR085] Hxlly's World - The Red
[TFR086] Little Mack vs. RedSK - A2 Noise Sassy Kats
*[TFR087] Crawfish81 & RedSK - Mean Green Grass
*[TFR088] Total Hipster Crusher vs. RedSK - THCSK2
*[TFR089] Ballsonbitchs & Jason "EVIL" Covelli - split
[TFR090] RedSK vs. COSBY - Poo-Gina
*[TFR091] RedSK & Roheva - Unwelcomed Sexual Advances
[TFR092] Trans Atlantic Rage, I Make Babies Cry, Army Of 2600, El Diablos Bloncos - We Do 4-ways
[TFR093] tooth_eye vs. Trans Atlantic Rage - split
[TFR094] Lady Cumdumpster & Jason "EVIL" Covelli - split
*[TFR095] Well Hung Student - Untitled (zombie militia vs. redsk collab)
*[TFR096] tooth_eye vs. RedSK - tooth_eye Rapes RedSK
*[TFR097] Aural Resuscitation Unit - Free Movement Between States
[TFR098] Stiverson & RedSK - split
*[TFR099] fabioRosho & RedSK - Raw Audio Material
*[TFR100] Stiverson - State Raised
*[TFR101] RedSK - Sampler Card 2011
*[TFR102] Jason "EVIL" Covelli - A Fly On A Dead Person's Lips
*[TFR103] endometrium cuntplow - Prominent Eruption Imprint Porn Rope Tumor Memory Error
*[TFR104] Kaustikutt, Dental Work, Fabrict, Adam Sapphire, RedSK, Unauthorized Fatal Operation, Running To Earth - Ultimate TRASH
*[TFR105] Rectal Twat - Nevermore, Nevermore EP
*[TFR106] Uninterpretative no! & Hxlly's Wxrld - SPLIT
*[TFR107] Violence Cotton Drone, Black Baby, CMP2P, RedSK vs. Running To Earth - Experiments
[TFR108] RedSK, Trans Atlantic Rage, BALOGH, Kids Shooting Kittens - split
[TFR109] RedSK vs. Army Of 2600 - Dragonology
[TFR110] Bludgeonment, TongueBiter, Gorgonized Dorks - Arise! Off Your Knees!!!
*[TFR111] The Big Drum In The Sky Religion - Les Origines Des Mondes
*[TFR112] RedSK, Fascist Razorback, Jason "EVIL" Covelli - Scumnoise
[TFR113] RedSK vs. Koobaatoo Asparagus - Gnarly Remixes
*[TFR114] RedSK - Harsh1
*[TFR115] Hxlly's Wxrld - Just Another Day In Murdamar / Teardrop Paradise
*[TFR116] Gorgonized Dorks & RedSK - Disregard Your Life
*[TFR117] Jason "EVIL" Covelli - Archive Of EVIL Vol. 1
*[TFR118] Simply Wow! - Horses Riding Men
*[TFR119] Simply Wow! - Steamrolled Grandmas And Rainbow Kitty Cats
*[TFR120] Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt - Black Belt Bible Psalm 10
*[TFR121] Ballsonbitchs - Smoke Crack And Spread Disease
*[TFR122] FluiD vs. Dental Work - Reclusive Remix
[TFR123] Dino Felipe - Cassette Compile
*[TFR124] WOLFHOUSE - Whatever Makes You Happy
*[TFR125] Jason "EVIL" Covelli & Gorgonized Dorks - Sickness In The Mass Of Millions
*[TFR126] Pollux & Playing With Nuns - Suicide Substance
*[TFR127] Bastard Child - Re-Recycled
*[TFR128] The Circulatory System - Hemoglobin Variants
*[TFR129] Pollux & Jason EVIL Covelli - Collaboration
*[TFR130] Chris Toast, Alfred Turner, Joby, RedSK - Noises
*[TFR131] RedSK vs. Hēnglìkùpòlǐyǎěr - Stupid Fucking Asshole
*[TFR132] Arseterror & Nihilist Execution - Split
*[TFRPROMO02] Insideout028 - The Blue Caterpillar
*[TFRPROMO04] Analnecrobeastiality / MIXEDUPMESS / RedSK - Gun Violence / Hate Tunes / Sucks / Io, Scuzi
*[TFRPROMO05] Various - Live @ Radius Recordings 6-16-09
*[TFRPROMO06] Microbit Project, Pollux, Simply Wow!
*[TFRPROMO07] endometrium cuntplow, Boar, c4
[TFRPROMO08] SDSA - Drug Life
[TFRPROMO09] Pollux - Broken Wing
[TFRPROMOSK01] RedSK - Redsk0
*[XTFPRLTD1] RedSK - Cancer Candidate
*[TT01] RedSK, Finger Death Party - 2nd Split
*[TT02] Loving Is Stalking, Blackgirlfriend, extreme gastro discomfort, RedSK And The Violence Cotton Drone - Brutality
*[TT03] Wormhead vs. RedSK - Broken Features
*[TT04] Lithuanian Hazard vs. RedSK - Split
*[TT05] RedSK, Paregorik, GAAD, ƒIƒVƒŠƒyƒ“ƒyƒ“ƒY - Resistance

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