Saturday, September 12, 2009

Yeah I know this is a late update, oh well...

We've been doing a lot of work trying to get the physical label revamped. Lots of recording as well. I'll have the new TFN update probably tomorrow. I hope.
Enjoy the new releases, why don't you tell all your cool friends about the new stuff we have for download each month. It's the latest hits from today's top emo, r&b and powerpop groups:

Latest Releases:

[TFN235] Paregorik - (adge it

[TFN234] Team Spector - Wall Of Murder

[TFN233] Scatrio - Complete Discography

[TFN232] Masta Bruce - Goregasm EP

[TFN231] Wolfseule - John Cage wasn't only a total genius, he was also pretty damn cute

[TFN230] RedSK / God Pussy - Dedicated To The Memory Luigi Russolo

[TFN229] Graffiti Mechanism - RMXD-RENukeFamRMXS-EP

[TFN228] Svutkor - Self-Titled EP

[TFN227] Lâl Kendim - Insomniac Insect


[TFN225] kxdX - Sakura-Wari In Rene Come Glistening

[TFN224] Noise Nazi, RedSK - Anti-Social Behavior Split

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