Sunday, September 20, 2009

13 Brand New Releases For You All To Download...

We are advertising shit on now (I don't give a fuck if you hate the breakcore culture, I'm not a particular fan either, but it's not a bad site to promote music, also if you're on this label, be happy with any extra promotion I'm doing for you, I've already gotten enough shit for this, so fuck off) and I'll probably be looking at other forums to get more people attracted to the artists on this label. One of the reasons TRASHFUCK is still one of the best labels that is still running to this day (other than our friends at proc-records, Love Torture Records, and a few other labels that know who they are ;])

[[[I'd also like to mention there is a video contest going on right now for RedSK's Io, Scuzi EP and there's a remix contest going on right now for RedSK's "Same Song", both can be found on the blog at his myspace: ]]]

Without much further ado:

>Coming soon:
[TFN249] The Dissonance Process and God Pussy - Aggressor
[TFN250] 028 - Harsh EP
[TFN251] Diabolical Tamagatchi - Pokemon Suicide [Demo]
[TFN251]10KoneKt - 10Kotek EP
more stuff from insideout028
more stuff from javihyev.
more stuff in general


Latest Releases:

[TFN248] Citric Acid Reflux - Rotpeel Liqour

[TFN247] Graffiti Mechanism - RE-RMXD-RENukeFamRMXS-EP

[TFN246] Noda Nada - 1950 EP

[TFN245] the penny wierds - The Whole World's a Cunt (Deluxe Edition)

[TFN244] God Pussy - L'arte dei Rumori

[TFN243] Necroanal - The Motherfucker of all Motherfucking Motherfucks

[TFN242] MIXEDUPMESS - Barbie's Sancho

[TFN241] Pain Generate Sperm - Amanita Muscaria (+ Bonus Tracks)

[TFN240] Lâl Kendim - Plagiary (Plunderphonic Blues)

[TFN239] RedSK vs. Kalvarybass 666 - Silent Hive-Noise Experience

[TFN238] Swine Flu - Psychodelic EP

[TFN237] Insideout028 & MIXEDUPMESS - Ghosts-n-Goblins Split

[TFN236] Insideout028 - ...And a Side Of Fries Please

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