Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Problems with archive....

We are experiencing several problems with the new archive.org system. This explains why we have been even slower than usual to make updates. I have no issues making item pages on Archive, it's the upload process that fucks shit over. This computer has issues connecting to their upload server for whatever reason, that never used to happen with the old system. So I have to upload releases from a different computer, fuckin whack. In these next few days that's all I'm going to be doing, uploading files to release pages that I've already made. Because we have a huge backlog of releases waiting to go online.

In other news we've got our own server/FTP space thanks to our good friends at raptorhideout.com and we will be rebuilding TRASHFUCK 4.0 website soon :) Also, we will be building some artist pages for our main peoples who release here often. And we may also offer netlabel hosting to some of our partner labels.

We have several goodies in store, I won't put up the distro/trade list right now, but you can find a decently up-to-date copy of that trade list on the RedSK myspace profile (http://myspace.com/redsknoise). Lots of new releases coming out, lots of old releases finally seeing the light of day.

TRASH Tapes:
Is born. The first release is TT02, the RedSK/Finger Death Party 2nd Split Tape. There are 21 copies of this release, spray painted tapes (yellow on the RedSK side, green on the FDP side) with album art made collage style over a pre-existing Jcard and then photocopied. A good mix of Lo-fi noisecore/thrash and experimental/psychedelic noise and power electronics (with a touch of hip-hop perhaps ;]). TT01 is a pending split tape release between all-star jam band Blackgirlfriend (RedSK, Insideout028, teh soup rebellion) and long time TF veteran MIXEDUPMESS. This release is going to be killer. No doubt about that. Then there's a few other splits coming out shortly after that, including a RedSK/Evil Robot Ted split tape. These tapes will be sold cheaply and traded. I've started accepting TRASH Tapes submissions but I'll be closing that window shortly once we get enough pending projects to keep me busy.

TIME Maggazine:
Is born. We started a zine that anyone/everyone can contribute to, we need reviews, interviews, random artwork, stories, poetry, rants, anything. If you would like to write for our magazine or have material you'd like to have reviewed, email us (tfnnetlabel@ymail.com)

In sadder news:
We (teh soup rebellion, Insideout028, and myself) have had the majority of our live performance gear stolen. There are more details in my blog on myspace, but we want to thank everyone who has sent various items or money in our time of need, you will not be forgotten. We are getting back on our feet and will recover from this. Also, vengeance will be had. But that's about as deep as I'll go into that here.

Without further ado, and with no more meaningless babble:

Coming soon:
[TFN255] - [TFN262]
Various TRASHFUCK Records releases
Various TRASH Tapes releases


Latest Releases:

[TFN254] Frantic Heart Attack - Self-Titled

[TFN253] Insideout028 - The Sounds of The Mind EP

[TFN252] 10KoneKt - 10KoteK EP

[TFN251] Diabolical Tamagatchi - Pokemon Suicide [Demo]

[TFN250] 028 - Harsh EP

[TFN249] The Dissonance Process and God Pussy - Aggressor

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