Friday, November 20, 2009

[TFN255] - [TFN263] And other updates/news

I'm going to go ahead and start this off right away with the new releases:

Coming soon:
[TFN264] - [TFN275]
The Pyramid Presents: Rum Rangers BOX SET (3 CD-r, 1 tape, storybook, t shirt) Kira + Terra Branford + kxdX (Terra Branford + RedSK)
Various TRASHFUCK Records releases
Various TRASH Tapes releases


Latest Releases:

[TFN263] teh soup rebellion - Pre-Album Mixtape

[TFN262] RedSK - Project Folklore Mixtape

[TFN261] Emo Kid, MIXEDUPMESS, I Killed Techno! - 3 Way Split

[TFN260] RedSK, The Cobalt Rod - RedSK & The Cobalt Rod 2009 Split

[TFN259] RedSK, Leo Brookes - RedSK & Leo Brookes Split

[TFN258] kxdX - Cairo, The Three Kings

[TFN257] JVHV - Live In Other Peoples Clothes

[TFN256] citric acid reflux - The Final Harvest Of Our Neon Trees

[TFN255] RedSK, Graffiti Mechanism - High School Is For The Birds

Now then, The Terra Branford group and I have a huge box set coming out next year. This is based off of his story The Rum Rangers. This box set will come with the story book, and the cd it's based with. There will be a kxdX cd-r as well in this box set. In addition to this is a whitelabel tape cassette of demos and b-side tracks from split EP's to come soon for free download from Oeza vs. RedSK, Kira/RedSK, kxdX, and other Pyramid collectives. In addition to these pieces of the box set will be a third CD-r of RedSK remixes of kxdX tracks. Also included is a kxdX spray painted blue polo t-shirt. So that's 3 different CD-r's, one tape, all with album art or special tracklistings in a blue sega genesis game box with a tshirt as well. We're going to be promoting this box set pretty hard, so expect to see a lot of new material in the next few months.

I'm heading off to Texas to see a lot of friends here and there, and to play the Electronic Winter Fest 3 with I Killed Techno!, A Beautiful Lotus and a lot of other bands, many still to be confirmed. The date is looking like it will be on the 12th of December in McAllen TX. Get at me if you're going to be in the area and wanna hook up (

Jason "EVIL" Covelli and I have 13 collaborative and split albums planned for release in 2010. Our power electronics/doomed truth(spoken word) band WOLFHOUSE is writing material now as well. Be sure to check into that later on.

A few releases coming out on different labels here and there as well, more details on that next time.

TIME Maggazine has collected a great ammount of material for our first issue, but we're still accepting submissions, anything is welcomed, album reviews, interviews, stories, rants, article, random art, it's your pick.

Until next time...


  1. Is there a way to buy a hard copy of the Emo Kid, MixedUpMess, I Killed Techno 3-Way split . . . I love that album