Saturday, December 5, 2009

[TFN264] - [TFN283] updates!

First thing's first... 2009 is drawing to a close, so we're kickin ass and taking names, and we have 20 (count'em, 20!) new downloadable releases for you all to enjoy :D

Coming soon:
The Pyramid Presents: Rum Rangers BOX SET (3 CD-r, 1 tape, storybook, t shirt) Kira + Terra Branford + kxdX (Terra Branford + RedSK)
Various TRASHFUCK Records releases
Various TRASH Tapes releases


Latest Releases:

[TFN283] A Mannequins Smile - TV Killed Me EP

[TFN282] Joshooa And The 7/13th Moon - Our Killers Will Pose As Saviors

[TFN281] Analnecrobeastiality - Gun Violence EP

[TFN280] Saving Private Gloria - Self-Titled EP

[TFN279] Illnathix - Unreleased 2007, Part 2. Zombie Zone.Rooftop Situation

[TFN278] Graffiti Mechanism - The KISS FM Antithesis

[TFN277] Anal With The Misplaced Illusion Of Myself - EP


[TFN275] 320320320320 - Lives

[TFN274] Hindu Pez - abUSE EP

[TFN273] GAAD - Fap Masina

[TFN272] Deathmonk - Psychedelic Pilgrim

[TFN271] Mit'an - Bli Imut Ein Hitkadmut

[TFN270] JVHV - Lower Levels Of Heaven's Complex

[TFN269] Microbit Project - LoFi Noizegene

[TFN268] BHG00 - The Scrotumtightening Sea

[TFN267] hhhhh - Dark Canyon

[TFN266] Iamdeadsmiles58 - Self-Titled

[TFN265] Alexander Kibanov & Norihito Kodama - Dark Times (Single)

[TFN264] Wrong Way Home - Sounds From The Fog II: Unreal Dawn

I wish I had the time, patience, and energy to go through and give a brief description about each album, but I'd rather let you listen with an unbiased mind, and also, I've been up for 36 hours straight doing nothing but work on this update. So you can put in the other man-hours.

As you all might know by now, the trip to Texas/tour of Texas has been cancelled. Mostly because Electronic Winter Fest 3 was cancelled, which was the starting point of all things to come, and from there, the rest of the planning just went down the tubes. BUT! Silas and I are trying to get another festival going in Texas for January (if possible) or even February if it comes to that. We will need all the help we can get in securing a decent venue, house, parking lot, abandoned building, whatever, to play in. Once the venue is acquired, we will need as many local and traveling bands to come join us and make this a grand event. Money is tight, so is time, and so are resources. But we (myself, & teh soup rebellion) are willing to plan this Texas trip again if we can get this festival solidified.

TRASHFUCK Records will be releasing the MUCH ANTICIPATED split released from RedSK & PFP "X-Rated Split" shortly. We were having issues with the album art, nude photos had to be taken, then splicing pictures together, now printing. CD's are burned and painted already, it's just the printing of the album art that's left to do, and you will all be able to get copies of that finally. There are also many other CD-r releases coming out on TRASHFUCK Records, for example, the 4way split between Sleepers, RedSK, Insideout028, and SK028. CD's are pressed up now, waiting for a fresh paint job, and album art is being printed next week most-likely.

TRASH Tapes first official release: [TT01] RedSK / Finger Death Party - 2nd Split
RedSK Side A is spray painted yellow, FDP Side B is sprayed green, collage album art fold-out Jcard, and hand-written tracklists from each artist, photocopied on the public library's copy-machine, and neatly packed into a plastic cassette case.
This is the follow up to the first Finger Death Party / RedSK split tape on Sludgecicle Records. Get your copy now. Prices negotiable depending on geographic location, multiple release sales/trades, etc. No single copy of anything is over $4 (besides the tape in this next paragraph ;])

Piss Free Tapes has released a limited run of 10 RedSK "No Title 2009" tapes. Each tape is spray painted green on one side, as it is a one-sided tape. (Some tapes are shorter cs's and in that case, tracks continue to the back, which would be sprayed yellow if necessary). The Jcards are all hand-made collages, each one different than the next, and all the track lists are hand written. The backside of every cassette case is spray-painted green as well. These are limited and already there are only 6 left. So get yours while you can. Prices are $5 (which includes shipping). If money is an issue (financial problems or international issues) trades will be accepted. Two copies of a release (one for my own collection, one for distro) would be acceptable for a copy of this tape. When these are gone, they're gone, no second pressings.

Speaking of second pressings, TFR is making up ten more copies of everything in our back catalog for all those who are just finding out about our physicals (we haven't exactly had a solid list posted anywhere, most people just get these cd's and tapes randomly in mail packages for trades.) After these are made up, I will retire the back-catalog as sold out. Possibly put all sold out releases online for free download.

I won't go into the massive amount of split releases and collaborative projects that have either come out already or ARE coming out soon from my own music, I'll put a page up at some point with all things available through the label and distro.

TIME Maggazine has collected quite a bit of good material from everyone. We still need mostly album reviews and interviews. If you would like to submit an article to TIME Maggazine, email me at tfnnetlabel[AT]ymail[DOT]com ... And btw, for all those who were wondering and have been asking me questions, this is a photocopied paper zine, not a webzine for fuck's sake :P

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: TF (and all related sublabels and offshoots) is merging with He Of The House Media (and all related sublabels and offshoots) as we are combining forces from Michigan to Texas. This only means good things when we pull together. New TRASHFUCK website(s) are being put up on so be sure to check those out as everything progresses.

HARSCHTAPE 09 will come out before the end of the year, I'm almost positive. It's catalog number is [TFN200] but as you can see, it's way past it's release due date. Chill out, it's a heavy project, but it's still coming out. I haven't forgotten.

CHANUKOMP 2009! This is the sequel to CHANUKOMP 2008 (obviously) and I'm personally inviting a few select artists to join in and contribute to this compilation. It's not a "strictly Jewish" compilation, as many people thought last year, it's just a Winter compilation, everyone does a fuckin' Christmas comp and I'm just not at all interested in that. I like to dedicate these compilations to my mother, who blessed me with Israeli blood and taught me all the joys of the Jewish faith (hardy har har, not really but you know... we celebrate Chanukah AND Christmas every year). I'm allowing up to ten artists to email me if they are interested in joining this compilation (my email is above in case you missed it, or hit me up on myspace) and obviously if I invited you specifically, this doesn't include you. We're going to rush to get this comp completed before Chanukah starts.

We're pretty excited at what a crazy year 2009 has been, but it's not quite over yet, and we have a few updates to make before it's all over. Cheers! And enjoy those downloads :D

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