Saturday, December 19, 2009

TRASHFUCK Chanukomp 2009

Artist: Various
Album: TRASHFUCK Chanukomp 2009
Year: 2009
CAT#: TFN284
Style: Various Styles And Genres That Portray The Overall Concept of Trash Noise and Experimental to Extreme Music Relating In Some Way To Chanukah and/or The General Winter Holliday Season

01 I Killed Techno! - Little Blastbeat Boy
02 The White Noise Organization - Not Reel
03 Earth Incubator - Fuck Anyone Who Hates Uwe Boll
04 endometrium cuntplow - It Doesn't Snow In Los Angeles
05 Zebulon Kosted - Nicholas Roerich
06 Wolfseule - Stille Nacht Heilige Nacht
07 Boar - The Winters Remorse
08 hhhhh - Shoveling Snow From Underneath The Car
09 Zebra Mu - It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year
10 Necroanal - Shlomo, the Jewish Santa
11 MIXEDUPMESS - Jingle Balls
12 MIXEDUPMESS - Santa Clause Is Cuming To Town
13 teh soup rebellion - Tap That Heavenly Piece
14 Kira - Megatron + hlo + The Terra Branford Groups Theme Song (December Time)
15 Headless Kamikaze - Kovroviy Mish
16 Oh Yes, By All Means - Winter is...
17 Insideout028 - Oh Jewish Man, Oh Jewish Man, Oh How I love My Jewish Man (What's a christmas tree?)
18 A Beautiful Lotus - Dreidel Dreidel Whaaat
19 tooth_eye & kkrusty - Santa Brutally Rapes All The Naughties With A 18'' Strap-on Covered In Red Onions Grown Legless Autistic Nazi'sions
20 Paregorik - Winter Nostalgy
21 THC Eradicus - 64 Dildos For Dradlehead
22 Marlo Eggplant - Vascilate Menstruate
23 HATESOUND - Consumer Computers
24 [unitauf] - NOEL
25 A Mannequins Smile - My Televised Christmas
26 Silas Ciarán - Making Christmas
27 RedSK - I Want A Hippopotamus For Chanukah - ללכת להשתין בים!

This year's Chanukomp is significantly better than last year's edition in my personal opinion, a lot more artists closely related to TRASHFUCK, as the perfect soundtrack to the Winter holidays and general cold season.

Mixed and mastered by Patrick Doyle of RedSK

And as an added bonus ;)...

Artist: Earth Incubator & Lusia Spine-Tv
Album: One Two Three Maxi-Single
Year: 2009
CAT#: TFN285
Style: Power Electronics, Psychedelic, Noise Rock, Noise, Experimental Electronics, Remixes

01. One Two Three
02. One Two Three (Toxic Chicken Remix)
03. One Two Three (Infinite Equations Version by RedSK)

original track: music by Alexander Kibanov, vocals by Lusia Kazarian
artwork: by Lusia Kazarian and Alexander Kibanov

No long-winded explanations and updates, this compilation has taken all of my effort for the past several days, there will be another update SOON with several new releases, news on physical releases, AND THE LONG AWAITED HARSCHTAPE 2009 IS FINALIZED, FINISHED, MASTERED AND MIXED AND WILL BE UPLOADED IN THE NEXT UPDATE :D
Enjoy the downloads, and happy Chanukah!

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