Thursday, April 21, 2011

A few more free releases!

[TFN315] Odaxelagnia - Another Bad Album
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Artist: Odaxelagnia
Album: Another Bad Album
Year: 2011
CAT#: TFN315
Style: Noise, Shitcore, Glitch, Samplecore, Musique Concrete, internet jerkoff

01 Odaxelagnia - Hey ^___^
02 Odaxelagnia - You've just downloaded the shittest album ever
03 Odaxelagnia - BODY PILLOW opening theme
04 Odaxelagnia - 0000.v25
05 Odaxelagnia - PoPoFaKkU
06 Odaxelagnia - shit
07 Odaxelagnia - I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream
08 HYMEN - Utterly Pointless
09 Odaxelagnia - Say No To Samplecore
10 Odaxelagnia - LSD on LSD
11 Odaxelagnia - White 50 Cent
12 Odaxelagnia - smb.bmp
13 Odaxelagnia - lolindustrial
14 Odaxelagnia - this track sucks
15 Odaxelagnia - this title sucks
16 Odaxelagnia - LSL
17 Odaxelagnia - Night Of Fire
18 Odaxelagnia - awesome ten year old chinese kid creating breakcore
20 ShiBaKuSa - And now faster death
21 Odaxelagnia - The Amoeba Walk
22 Odaxelagnia - OHamburgefonsz
23 Odaxelagnia - Noise Opera
24 Odaxelagnia - sound.wav
25 Odaxelagnia - Death Of Pac-Man
26 Odaxelagnia - extratone before it got trendy (referring to JAPSHITFUN again)
27 Odaxelagnia - CO KURWA_7
28 Odaxelagnia - staticore
29 Annoying Ringtone - Power Electronics Tribute
30 Odaxelagnia - Rot
31 Odaxelagnia - speedyfake (speeding up someone elses track and calling it a remix then releasing it on a CD)
32 Odaxelagnia - 4' 33 (John Cage cover)
33 Odaxelagnia - 4' 33 (remix)
34 Odaxelagnia - call me

[TFN314] MyDuck666 - Music For Believers
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Artist: MyDuck666
Album: Music For Believers
Year: 2011
CAT#: TFN314
Style: Noise, Harsh Noise, Satanic Noise, Harsh Wall

01. Intro
02. Genocide Of Christian Bastards
03. Cross In Your Ass
04. Jesus Fucking Christ
05. Daniil Sysoev Is Dead Cocksucker
06. Pissing On The Bible
07. Orthodoxianicide
08. Anal Satanism
09. Rotten Cunt Of Godmother
10. Disgrace The Corpse Of Alexy II
11. All Priests Must Be Killed
12. Profaned Shrines
13. Holy Fagghost

[TFN313] Jane Cutter - 1
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Artist: Jane Cutter
Album: 1
Year: 2011
CAT#: TFN313
Style: Noise, Noisecore, Cybergrind

01. 1

All tracks created in november/december 2010 using HammerHead 1.0, TS404BETA1 and Audacity.

[TFN312] Various Artists - TRASHFUCK 3.12
[item image]
Artist: Various
Album: TRASHFUCK 3.12
Year: 2010
CAT#: TFN312
Style: Experimental Electronics, Musique-Concrete, Noise, Breakcore, Glitch, Speedcore, Experimental Hip-Hop, Drug Music, Hip-Hop, Grindcore, Powerviolence, Metal, Industrial, Jungle, Dubstep, Prog Rock, Noise Rock, Avant-garde, World Music, Ambient, Darkambient, Spoken Word, Doomed Truth, Noisecore, Drum'n'Bass, Punk, Hardcore,

01 Goreky - Distorted Tom Switch
02 Mitä? - Lopullisen Paskan Koostumus
03 GAAD - Pusti Rucnu
04 Lithuanian Hazard - Arbeit!
05 Total Hipster Crusher - Misanthropia
06 The Big Drum In The Sky Religion - Cannibal Dream
07 Oh Yes, By All Means - Ceramic Alpaca, Moche culture (Larco Museum, Lima)
08 MIXEDUPMESS - Kids On Crack (KidsOnCocaine Remix by Insideout028)
09 hhhhh - Bristles
10 RedSK - The Opposite Of Shalom
11 DJ Scratchin' - Get Back Mofo (Bitches Get Glitches RMX By RedSK)
12 Insideout028 - Do You Think Of Your Father When I Say Rape?
13 Master Toad - Dark Insects of the Catacomb
14 endometrium cuntplow - Cut Uppers
15 Pollux - Black Hope
16 Dental Work - Hyphilius (Contracting HIV Via Needle Sharing RMX By RedSK)
17 Zebra Mu - Vent
18 Cock E.S.P. - Live May 6th 2010
19 teh soup rebellion - Where Is Don Johnson?
20 SDSA - Operation (Feat. Spunky Smith) (Prod. By FluiD)
21 Paregorik - Nikdo Nepoznal Naši Lásku
23 Gorgonized Dorks - Purgatory For You
24 FluiD - Flowers
25 Swin Deorin - Dvi-Kirnplori
26 Jason "EVIL" Covelli - Morally Fucking Wrong

This compilation celebrates artists that make up the TRASHFUCK Family. Tracks are taken from various releases from TRASHFUCK Records in the year of 2010 and some tracks from planned releases of 2010 that may not officially be released until 2011 (funding permitting). We support the netlabel scene and underground music, these tracks were taken from limited edition physical releases, but are made available for all to enjoy on this compilation. Feel free to spread this among all you know, put this on SLSK, torrents, blogs, share to yo facespaces, by all means. There is also a cd-r version of this compilation available as a promotional item, given away (among other promotional discs) with orders from our TRASHFUCK catalog and distro. Continue supporting the underground and experimental music societies. Fuck elitists and ignorance! ...And remember always, NOISE!!

(Thanks to and from all the artists on this compilation, everyone who has released or contributed to the progress of TRASHFUCK NET, TRASHFUCK Records, TRASH Tapes, Piss Free Tapes, & Non Quality Audio, and all the labels who have worked with us. We couldn't've done this without you.)

[TFN311] Dental Work - Banana Stares
[item image]
Artist: Dental Work
Album: Banana Stares
Year: 2010
CAT#: TFN311
Style: Experimental Electronics, Musique-Concrete, Noise, Breakcore, Glitch, Speedcore, Experimental Hip-Hop, Drug Music

01. Mike Vick Raped By Pitbulls
02. Marijuana Urine Fountain For Cops
03. LSD In My Mouth
04. Demolished Pregnant Spiders
05. Mosquito Hatches Eggs
06. Super Mario Psilocybin Mushrooms
07. The Decaying Wisdom Tooth Of Christopher Walken
08. Nazi-Nun Bukkake Benefit Dinner [Dadaist Mix]
09. Journey To Austria
10. Onyx
11. A Clown Without Pity (Feat. Morgan Feger)
12. Christmas On Crack
13. It's Andi Haas Day!
14. Wig Destroyer
15. Explosion In The Courtroom
16. Masterbating On Probation Papers
17. Police, Get A Fucking Life
18. Rat Cheese
19. Destroying Technology
20. Lines Of Adderall
21. Sheriff Bukkake
22. Charlie Manson Disco Tech
23. Whateverthefuckiwantcore!
24. Gasoline & Urine (Pissing Razors Mix)
25. Oakland Wobble (Mumsy)
26. Hallowqueen

All songs written, performed, recorded, and molested by
Jay Paul Watson, AKA Dental Work from 2006-2009.
Recorded @ various locations, including:
The Birth Canal - Frankfort, MI
The K-Hole - Traverse City, MI
The Georgian - Detroit, MI
The Razorwire Compound - Oakland, CA
This collection was organized by
Jay Watson and Placenta Recordings - Traverse City, MI
This collection was released by
Patrick Doyle and TRASHFUCK NET - Detroit, MI

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