Sunday, April 24, 2011

[TFR023] Endometrium Cuntplow, Dental Work, Popsicle Dice Love, RedSK - 4way Split Re-release

A long while back, Placenta Recordings released a 4way split. We re-released it with a shitload of bonus tracks. This cd-r was limited to 20 copies, and it now sold out. It's available for free download, minus the track Crank Dat RedSK, because I felt like leaving it off, you should've bought this when it came out, twice.

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01. Cut Uppers 02. Junk Blood 03. Scab Gravel 04. Spide Biter 05. 1986 Year Of Tiger (Industrial Slick Rick Mix) 06. Altar Of Semen 07. Housewife Taxidermist (Rabbit Death Cry) 08. CARE BEARSSS 09. Robo Bear Remix 10. Drool On Table 11. Fuck The Spice Girls 12. Milk 13. Computers 14. Crank Dat RedSK 15. Gigantic Pink Bubbles 16. Three Screaming Kitties 17. Vrrrpkr Bitter Bitter 18. Ambient Transition 19. I'm All Out of Jokes Again, Intro 20. Crimes Of Shadow Laughter Against Light [pt.1] 21. Puppeteering The Alley Bulb... 22. Fat Albert Just Snuck In Some Pastels Rectally 23. Run, Bugs Bunny! It's Hunting Season! 24. You'll Be Making Hand Dogs On The Prison Wall... 25. Cavemen And Natives Wasted A Lot Of Berries On Them Cave Drawings 26. Dark Sweaty Chafing Halitosis Breath Gas Spanking 27. If I Had A Dime For Every Shadow Puppet I've Made At A Campfire... 28. Sentenced To Life In Cartoon Prison [You Can't Just Paint A Tunnel Out Of This One] 29. Charlie Manson Disco Tech 30. Super Mario Psilocybin Mushrooms 31. LSD in my mouth 32. Onyx 33. Sweet Dreams 34. Batman Crunk Fest 35. Spice Girls Remix 36. Superduper  Tracks 1-4 by endometrium cuntplow Tracks 5-7, 29-32 by Dental Work Tracks 8-13, 26-33 by Popsicle Dice Love Tracks 14-18 by RedSK Tracks 19-28 by endometrium cuntplow vs. RedSK  Tracks 1-18 released on the original pressing of this double split in 2008 by Placenta Recordings based in Traverse City, MI. Tracks 19-36 added for the 2010 4way re-release on TRASHFUCK Records, based in Belleville (Detroit), MI.   Tracks 19-28 taken from RxSK vs. ExCxPx - "Naughty Shadow Puppets Trapped In Cartoon Prison" collaborative release on TRASHFUCK NET. Tracks 29-32 taken from Dental Work's "Banana Stares" release on TRASHFUCK NET. Tracks 26-33 taken from 4way split with RedSK, CHAOS ANARCHY, Vomit Abortion, Popsicle Dice Love on Puzzle Records in Germany.

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  1. fantastic release! great stuff from all the artiists!